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Batman: Asylum

Cpl Ledanek

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Yep, I just borrowed this from a neighbor (360 version) and I've put about 4 hours into the game. I have found a couple of the Ridler Maps which help you figure out where some of his clues are and what not and I still have a hard time finding them.

So many cool things to do in this game. I still haven't been able to do the inverted take down from hanging from the gargoyle. I got the upgrade but every time I hang under the gargoyle and there is someone below me, the button never shows up to dangle him from the gargoyle. I'm sure I'll figure more things out as I go along.

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I was enjoying the first 2% of the game then I came to the outside bit and I was like WOW AWESOME.

I did actually restart the game to try and collect all the secrets etc but it was frustrating going back to the start so I gave that idea up and I'm glad I did, great stuff.

I liked the bit coming across the 6 guys hammering the batmobile to pieces lol.

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Just picked this up recently, only managed an hour or so, but really good game. Not something I expected to enjoy tbh. Looking forward to some spare time to play more. :)

Absolutely hate GFWL. Wth do I need to agree to the XBox terms and fickwuts. Can MS not at least respect PC players and create a PC platform for us to use? Maybe 1 without XBox slapped all over it. No wonder you see so many GFWL hate posts around. I mean come on, if you move your cursor away from the user name box while logging in, you stop typing ######.


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