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GRT 2009 - Sign-Ups here plz

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Just put your names down for now and I'll give more details at a later stage.

Again, this is not a team event - it works like a campaign with scoring.

You command an AI squad up to 6 Ghosts - the more objectives you complete the more points you make, however,......

for every man you lose during the mission you will also lose points.

For example, 25 points for completing object 1, 20 points for completing objective 2.

But 10 points for each team member killed. And you must reach Extraction to make those points count. No extract = no points.

So if you complete objective 1 and 2 and lose 1 man and reach extract:

25 + 20 - 10 = 35 points.

Or if you complete objective 1 and 2 and lose 2 men and reach extract:

25 + 20 - 10 - 10 = 25 points.

So the question is - how many men should you take for a particular mission, how many objectives should you attempt and how should you split up and use your men?

So put your name down here if you want in and I'll keep you posted on news.

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Come on, it's been just 2 weekdays - give it a couple of weekends. :)

But we should spread the word, people! So everyone better get a move on and inform their friends, post in forums, and spam every web site in any way possible! Permission granted to use excessive force if necessary! :o=


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