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Reviews for HAWX from users?


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I've seen reviews on other sites, but I didn't notice any posts here stating likes/dislikes.

How about posting some of your opinions? I found HAWX on the clearance shelf at Target and want to know if it is a keeper. (Also the same for End War)

There are several posts about modding, which is great for showing that there are interested fans for the game.

I have played GR + exp and mods, GRAW1 & 2 and liked them all.

Also, I like WW II Fighters, Comanche 3 & 4, Wings of War, and other action sims. In adition, I like IL-2 and Mods, etc.

Thanks for your answers in advance!

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I love the game itself. I just find it limited. Hawx has so much potential but the whole thing seems rushed. Which is why I started modding it. I been working on getting new (unused models) weapons into the game with limited success. I have Exocet AM39, GBU-32 JDAM (and yes it's a guided bomb), and a AGM-84 Harpoon working in the game now. But not sure how much more I can do without access to certain files which are beyond me to open. I have a possible Mod planned for later and the files I need too get into would not only help me improve said weapons but make more.

At any rate it's a good game and would have been better if it had the proper support

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