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Hello, I really like the Mission HX gametype. It just doesn't get old for me.

I need to know whether I can alter the mod somehow so that the opposing force that is generated is equipped with the weapons and uniforms of the mods I have activated (i.e. total conversions).

If you've played MHX you'll have noticed that the enemies are the Russian HX5 terrorist forces irregardless of whether you have Frostbite, WOI, or YOTM activated. Of course the mod priority doesn't make the difference. :wall:

If I can get it so that I can play the mission hx gametype in total conversions such as year of the monkey, with the YOTM kits and the OPFOR with their 60's weaponry I am gonna be flippin ecstatic. :shifty: That will give life to a gametype that's helped to extend my enjoyment of GR for years now!

Someone please tell me it can be done. :thumbsup:

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Seems ok to me :unsure: i have DS/IT/Mission HX/YOTM and the OPFOR are all vietnamese :yes:


OK after further tests

Mods loaded as above

in SP missions and Mission HX i gat Vietnamese OPFOR with 60s equipment

in MP mission HX with kits set to "SEAL-COOP" i get a mix of russian and vietnamese OPFOR ?? (looks like a Scene From RAMBO 2)

With kits set to "SEAL-TEAMS" its all Vietnamese agian

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Spawn an opposing patrol force

There are 3 sets of forces.

Origmiss opposing_force (normal woodland)

MP1 opposing_force_desert

MP2 opposing_force_jungle

It then depends on what the mission has been set to, as to which set of actors to use. Desert / Jungle / Night etc

YOTM has opposing_force_jungle so they will only show on jungle activated missions.

To have them on all maps you would have to make 2 copys of all the opposing force actor files and rename them.

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Last time I tried this with war of infamy, I was fighting against the Russian opfor. I'll give YOTM another try. I never would have guessed that the kit restriction file that's active would effect the opfor I face.

In Frostbite, I was unable to get all of the opfor in the winter camo. I'll test further and post my results. If it's a matter of editing all of the opposing force files or renaming them. Is that a simple thing to do? Also, would it be like a server sided change where ppl who joined me in coop would still be able to play without having to change their stuff on their end?

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I've tried changing mod priorities, but that doesn't effect the opposing force. I would really like to be able to use the different mod's weapons and face the mod's opfor without having any other opfors mixed in.

Is there a way to tweak mission hx so that I can play the mod within the context of the variety of unofficial expansion packs? Even if I have to change something in it for each mod I use with MHX, it would be well worth it to me. Thanks.

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Not sure how it works Mark. Tried YOTM firefight, I get YOTM actors. But with Mission HX running I get standard actors. But both scripts call for the same opposing patrol force.

1 certain way would be to remove the opposing forces atr files from your Origmiss / DS / IT actor folders, then have a stand alone mod at highest priority with those same files, but replaced with whatever atr files are in the mod you are playing.

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then have a stand alone mod at highest priority with those same files, but replaced with whatever atr files are in the mod you are playing.

A stand alone with those same files? It's not clear to me what you mean. Could you explain the process, I'm not familiar with this. But it sounds like it won't be a great deal of effort and I will be able to change them back easily, so I will want to try it. If it works then I'm gonna be psyched! :thumbsup:

I've been wanting to be able to do this for a long time.

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Sry I am not too familiar with actors / characters, leave that for others to do. So there could be a very simpler way to do this, but still.

The enging looks for opposing force when you play a firefight, or mission hx. If it is a normal woodland map it will look for the opposing_force in Origmiss actor folder. Desert map it will look for MP1 opposing_force_desert and Jungle map looks for MP2 opposing_force_jungle.

Take these files out of the folders and put them in a safe folder.

Game will now CTD if try a firefight, cannot find .atr files

Activate YOTM and only jungle maps will now run because YOTM has opposing_force_jungle in the actor folder.

So make a new mod and in the actor folder place a copy of YOTM opposing forces, rename them all accordingly to opposing_force_desert_1 etc

Then do the same and rename these to opposing_force_1 etc

Now you have all 3 sets of opposing force that all direct to YOTM enemy, and do not have to modify YOTM. Would need the same process for any other mod.

Hope that makes some sense.

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Sadly, no.

Let's see, I have taken them all out into a safe place, all 3 sets.

Now about making the new mod, I think you need certain folders such as modscont, etc. for the game to recognize the mod.

So, I don't know about making a new mod, but if I read this correctly, I would use the 0-6 YOTM opfor atr files and rename each with the origmiss, DS, and IT names respectively. So when the game looks for those they will come up with YOTM attributes.

Last night I tried just removing all of the opfor atr files from the 3 folders and playing mission hx. What I got was the regular variety of opfor. I see with your new post, there is more you mean I should do.

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Method using Igor to make "your mod" folder containing a ModsCont.txt text file.

-Open Igor from the .exe in your GR folder.

-Go to file

-select "Mods" from the menu. This brings up a seperate window called "mods"

-Click on the "New..." button.

-Another window appears called "Specify New Mod Folder"

-Fill in the line called "file name" with the desired name of your mod.

-click "save"

-click" close and refresh"

-Not necessary but you can close Igor now.

Youy can now navigate to GR/Mods and your mod folder should be there. It has the necessary subfolders(empty at this point) and ModsCont.txt text file needed to activate the mod in the game.

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Alternative method would be having a copy of all the .env files in your mod / maps folders.

Open them with notepad and replace any of these:




If it don`t have any, then just add:


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If you load up the mission hx file you want in Igor and look at the entry '07B spawn nme teams origmiss' you will see a few lines like this:

spawn nme atr onto nme team with ("m"+(a random integer between x and x) + "officer.atr" )and "ak74u_grenades.kit" at actor.

Just change the .atr file and the .kit file to whatever you want :) This will not change the 'opfor size' which is what was mentioned above; these are for the random number of elite bad guys who will really give you a bad day if you're not careful.

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