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Slow server join and Animation bug


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Hey hey,

I'm haveing some troubles lately with my GRAW.

When I want to join a Server it says connecting to Server for 5-8 seconds,

that wasn't like that a week ago, it was almost instant.

And during the game I see the AI reloading once, after that the animation

is just not showing anymore.

I testet that out today on 5 Servers and it was the same on all of them!

My Gameserver was allready reinstalled today, no difference.

Testet a couple of different settings, no difference.

Testet on modded and unmodded Servers, all had the same bugs.

Some other Players (those that replyed in the chat in game)

had the same thing going on. My guess, its a Gamespy thing.

I allready contacted the Gamespy support and am waiting on a reply.

As soon I get that I post again here.

My question now, have some of you guys that bugs happenig as well?

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I haven't seen that behaviour. What I see for me is after a random crash I can't get back in the server for a period of time.

This would be a GameSpy issue.

same problem for almost everyone who was online yesterday. I'd say gamespy is the reason. No place to complain. Let's hope they reboot in the coming days and get this sorted.

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Well, got a reply.

But as I expected it they just gave me some links to their help pages,

saying I need to configure my Firewall/Router.

Well, to make sure its not that I tested with different settings again,

I even set my Router in DMZ mode, guess what, still the same.

So I send them an email again, lets see what they say now.

As soon I have a reply I'll post here again.

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