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Ruin Be Safe


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Jul 17 2007, 05:07 PM

Many of you have known me for many years. After years of waiting, and months of planning, I have finally joined the Military.

In 2003 Ruin joined these forums as member No 12. As you can see above, in Jul of 2007 he enlisted. In less than two years he was abroad serving his country, and tonight I was chatting with him through Facebook, on my iPhone, as he sat in arguably the most dangerous place in the world, doing one of the most dangerous jobs, and I sat cosy in the comfort of my own home.

I just wanted to say how much respect I have for Ruin, and that I'll be thinking about him everyday until he is safe home again.

Take care mate, stay calm and alert.

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I remember when he was a pimply faced kid...
How do you know he still isn't? :D It might be dangerous where he is, but at least he's got internet access and he's focusing on his priorities by chatting to you ;) I feel sorry for his mates. I bet they don't get a look-in online with him hogging the bandwidth. :lol: Besides, they're probably too busy deciding who gets to use their 'shared' 30 round magazine next. :rolleyes:


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I remember when he was a pimply faced kid (we met while I was visting NC). How time changes doesn't it Rocky? Take care of your self young man and return home safe.

Yep, it seems like yesterday that Ruin, Marcinko, and PZ3 were high school kids. Now look at them. God bless.

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Thank you all, I really appreciate it. This thread surprised the hell out of me. :)

Contrary to what DS thinks ( ;) ) these past couple days have been my first days off in nearly a month. They've been running us ragged, which is great. We've been doing some real work and go out at least once a day. Yesterday and Today we've done only maintenance work, so we've had some down time and caught up on some much needed sleep.

I'm very very fortunate to have internet access here. We're one of the few FOBs in the area that's not been totally destroyed by AAFES. So there's a little store here run by [Arab] that sells wireless internet access. It's great. Once my crew moved in to a new tent (for some much needed space) we were able to get access. It's great for keeping my family happy too.

Things have picked up here. Not sure why the guys in our area are getting more ballsy and more bold, but we're doing a pretty good job of countering most of it. We had an incident a about 2 weeks ago with an IED that wasn't much fun. Everyone was safe thankfully, but it was definitely setup for us.

Guys, I really appreciate the support. It's amazing to see, especially for such an international group. My Army can't even get my pay right after a year, but I know who I can come to and rely on for support when I need it. Maybe that's why ever since I was a "pimply faced kid" I've never left this place.

Thanks again everyone. I'm really so stunned by this I feel like a blabbering idiot. :)

Take Care,


Here's me a few nights ago... We had a QRF mission to go blow an IED with the AF EOD guys. It was bad ass. Myself and my Sr. Scout got to walk to the IED with them and their truck and blow it. It was pretty cool.


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Indeed, it's me. :) I was just pulling security near some houses and I saw my Sr. Scout with a camera and his nods. The next picture is much blurrier but you can see me laughing at him. Got a few pictures of me through nods moving vehicles around too.

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I've not been to Afghanistan, so I can't speak about it. But, trust me, Iraq isn't as quiet as the media would make it out to be. It's gotten worse (comparatively) since the SOFA. There's more and more going on every day, and the insurgents are getting bolder and are being more meticulous.

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A lot sure does change. In total since I have been deployed I've literally lived outside the wire for almost a total of 4 maybe 5 months. I kind of lost track. Have dug up unmarked graves while filling sandbags, listened to Taliban pray to god while dropping mortars on them. Lost 5 good men I knew personally. 2 in my platoon alone. Been shot at plenty of times and rocketed aswell. Our convoys have hit countless IEDs and last but not least blew up a mosque that the enemy was using as a safe house.

It is an eye opener and PARA I remember a while back you saying you would want to join for the brother hood feeling. It is an unrivaled experience and I've never been more honored then to say I have served with the ones that pay the ultimate sacrifice.

The worst pain i've had from all of this. My girlfriend dumping me while I was 3 months into it. No lie broken hearts is the worse.

Yet some how I can still crack a smile. Some photos for you all.

For SSG.Bowen and SPC.Walker... Rip brothers.



Afghan food, surprisingly tasty


Being bored out of our minds....


Its all just another typical day for me. After carrying SSG. Bowen and Walkers bodies to the blackhawk to take them home.


Last but not least. Was out on the mission when that ###### decided to desert his post. Since then he has betrayed everyone. He got a wife and a house out of the deal. Pretty sure he is Muslim now too.

No sympathy from anyone he was with!

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It's amazing how different and similar both wars are right now. Afghanistan is definitely worse. We've been fortunate. Our engagements here are spread out and not as well coordinated as the Taliban - we're wearing them down here. I'm very blessed to be here and not there, but the Scout in me wants to be there instead.

Be safe Prozac, I worry about you guys over there. We're holding it down here. [Arab] gets a little wiley sometimes but we keep him put in his place.

We're winding down time. Almost time to come home soon. I'm sure Afghanistan will be my next tour in a few years, once this stabilization wears off in 2012ish.

Prozac, thanks for sharing with us all too. You and I will have to compare notes some day.

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90 is a great number given that I started this mess on December 1, 2008. I'm pretty stoked, we see the light, and are just holding steady until we get some relief.

These upcoming elections are giving us serious problems here. I can't wait for them to chill out again. Lots of headaches. My mission load just doubled for the next two weeks because of some recent incidents here. In between missions now, going to get some rest before I get back on the road.

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