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Operation: Castor Fury

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Bundle Location ->DOWNLOAD

Mission Author: Bogie

File Size: 73.7 Mb

Version: 2.0

New additional features with this version over the betas is that there are now 4 Daytime versions where Day1, Day2 & Day3 have nearly all sniper class AI relocated and have random looking day environments (Perkle like Nowhere, blue tint like lagoon and a full bright white light version). I did also add the mortars on the way back. Enjoy.

Description in the quotes below:

OPERATION: Castor Fury

Word of an over eccentric trust fund baby, Castor Pollux, is using his wealth to purchase weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Pollux with his wealth has solicited the use of Mexican Mercenaries to carry out his twisted orders. This mission is completely off the radar and is not sanctioned by the Mexican Nationals who have already begun to pummel the area with light artillery.

Ghost Mission

1 Detonate all of the ADATs to allow our Air Force passage

2 Recover the data regarding the stolen WMDs

3 Arrest Castor Pollux and his senior officers

4 Extract

There are 12 missions within this bundle that has new customized buildings and props as well as a couple familiar GRAW1 buildings. The Day1, Day2, Day3, Morning, Sand Storm and Night “coop_Bogie_Fury” maps are designed for 3-4 online or LAN players. Each map consists of 337 Enemy AI has been thoroughly tested on both LAN and Web servers with the standard and Brettzies weapon packs.

The Day1, Day2, Day3, Morning, Sand Storm and Night “coop_LoneWolf_Fury” maps are designed for the single player, two player gamers or older specification servers. The differences with the LoneWolf versus the standard Bogie operations is that there is no storming at any spawn points, reduced Enemy AI alert levels and reduced enemy AI in general to 259.

Because these maps have quite a few custom and GRAW1 props, there is more to load in memory. If you experience difficulties with slowness on public servers, try utilizing the Lone Wolf versions or use standard weapons instead of Brettzies.

60% of the Enemy AI for each version of the twelve maps has been rearranged to provide a different experience each time; especially between the four day versions.

Special Thanks the beta testers: Rocky @ Ghostrecon.net, Davros, the graw2.pbwiki.com team, JohnTC02 (AKA Bushmaster), Ares and the rest of the OutlawZ clan, The Art of Warfare (TAW.net) clan, TAW_Rahnman, TAW_Goose, Anthony, TripleX, Viper and his team @ AGB (agbgaming.com), Zero G, EBK52, Sightreader, Porter, Twix & Zondy

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Wow, 170+ kills and well over 90 minutes of gametime before I was heading back to extract on the Lone Wold Day version. I cannot imagine how hard that would be at dusk!

I loved the split between open rural firefights and then for the second half into a more close quarters type situation. That's the first time I have actually seen the EMP effect too - really cool.

Nice surprise finding those sports cars in their too :thumbsup:

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