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I'm going to knock some up tonight.

That is - a list of 10 ingame radio chat messages taken straight from Ghost Recon - I'll try and pick the 10 best GR sound memories but also the most appropriate for use on the battlefield.

"Got a tank"

"Over the hills and through the scrub"

"I think we caught them napping"

Anyways there are a lot of them, I'll go through them all - might even post a list here to see if others want them ingame.

Might even convert and pack them all and ppl can use the ones they like.

But tactically, I could put together a list of radio commands that are simple but highly informative for the rest of the squad.

Will keep you posted.

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i have just finsihed a pack - using it on Sparta server (great sever by the way) nice ppl good admins - quite a few GR chaps hanging out there and they are developing some tasty tactical coop there a la Ghost Recon coop.

but the sounds i went for are specifically for important communications ingame - not the cliche GR.


We need a medic - stat!

Scratch one piece of Russian Scrap

Enemy Sighted

Enemy Down

Democharge set

Got a tank

We've been spotted

Hold your fire

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ok folks here it is - http://www.filefront.com/14436041/Sound.rar

what i've done ingame to make it simple and effective is remapped the Bacspace key to the number 0 on the keyboard.

so now to initiate the radio sounds is the folowing process -

type 09 and the number of the corresponding radio command -

Copy - 099

Enemy in Sight - 098

Armor Spotted - 097

Enemy Down - 096

Armor Destroyed - 095

Democharges set - 094

Medic - 093

Hold your fire - 092

Target located - 091

You can see that the lower the number on the right the less quickly you need access to that radio button.

Likewise, the most important messages are closest to where you can give mesg quickly and with a little practice you could roll off "Enemy in Sight - check map!" in about .2 of a second with little thought about where the keys are. ie, 098.

Anyway, try it if you like and see if it works for you.


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Not to nitpick but aren't most of these already covered with the default complex commands.

Did you ever consider directional- Forward Rear Left Right Advance Hold Fast Slow Withdraw -hot keys to avoid that awful robotic dubbing routine?

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A script, a microphone and WavtoLip/WavetoSSS would probably suffice sport, because I'm pretty sure Ubisoft/RSE would take issue with their property being used, without consent, in or for another pubs title.

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Go for it NoQuarter - I didnt ask you to download the file, ingrate. I made it and put it here if ppl want to use it - you dont have to and if you want the other files make it yourself asshat.

And if UBI or Red Storm has issue they can tell us. But I can't see it happening. They arent being used in another mod or for another game - they are player-sided sounds - its not a breach of copyright as far as i can see and its not to make money - just a bit of fun and kudos for GR.

Go rain on someone elses parade NQ.

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He does have point Lightspeed.

You can't go taking assets from one game and incorporate them into another game, shunning copyright law because it's not for financial gain, that's irrelevant. That's why we never allowed Sum of all Fears content into Ghost Recon mods for many years until we got a wink of approval from Ubisoft only very recently. Up until then we removed all mods that contained SOAF assets. People don't realise what a delicate precipice that GR.net sits on when it comes to Ubisoft, there were moves to shut us down many many years ago from one corner of Ubisoft, and it's little things like inappropriate use of game assets, or warez discussion that gives them all they need to let the lawyers loose with cease and desists. We've never had one of those, but I know of game sites in the same community that have over the years and it's not a hastle we need. We've a good relationship with Ubi and RSE at the moment and it's not worth risking that, I hope you agree.

And the name calling is really not necessary, what's up, not getting your share? :shifty:

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