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Requesting Permissions

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I’m planning to host a modded dedicated server, and I would like to combine some Mods for that.

Mods I want to use are:

-Brettzies Weapons Mod v5.0

-AK74/GP25 SVD Mod by SAP

-GR:AW M4 SOPMOD by Snowfella

-Blood MOD v1.0 by DiGiTALY -TC-

-3 Dessert Eagles (a friend and me are still working on those)

-AI adjustments (going to do them myself)

-Game setting adjustments (doing them myself as well)

So I’m asking for Permissions from Brettzies, SAP, Snowfella and DiGiTALY –TC-.

I’m not going to take any credit for your work guys, don’t worry.

But I have to change some files that the combination will work.

The AK74 and SVD would get new item ID’s, the GP25 might be erased.

When I remember right the GP25 doesn’t work in Multiplayer.

And the XML’s would be adjusted for more realism,

an AK74 that does the damage of a M99 and shoot through walls? That ain’t right!

The M4 SOPMOD would just get new item ID’s.

So that’s my plan, hopefully you guys going to give your OK for it.

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Well, requests are best handled by either email or PM's rather than toss them out in the open like this. Members move on and stop checking all the forums they used to be active in, I for one hardly ever check this section of the forums anymore so a PM or email is a better way to get my attention....plus I've been offline for more or less a week now dut to moving house so......kinda hard to see a forum thread when there's no internet connection :P

To the matter at hand

If you want to use the M4 and Meusoc from my GRAW1 mod for a combination mod to run on a dedi go right ahead, permission granted.


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Thank you very much SnowFella.

I did send Brettzies a PM before I opened this topic here. But he didnt reply to it, so I thought I try it like this.


Well i just wanted to send some PM's out to the othere modders, and i seen that DiGiTALY -TC- and SAP weren't online since 2007 here. Does any 1 know these guys? If so please point em to this topic here.


This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or their personal messenger inbox is full. This personal message has not been sent.

Damn it. That could be the reason he didn't reply. I must have overseen that last time. :wall:

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I don't mind if you add my stuff to one big super-mod, though, I know I've maxed out attachment id#s, so you'll have to juggle some things around to get it all working in mp.

I think if you read the readme at the end there is a section about using this with other mods and just giving me credit for the parts you use, but I also appreciate you asking anyway. Good luck.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just to give some news on this project. I'm done with the basics.

In the moment I'm working on some "new" compositions and Actors,

couse some of them crash a dedicated Server.

Maps that contain those Actors or Compositions will require the mod.

I'm planing to do intensive testing on the weekend,

if everything works like it should the thing will be released right away.

So far the testruns were showing no problems.

It's sad that SAP didn't reply to this topic or the PM I send him.

I didn't add his SVD/AK74 mod to this combination, couse i dont have a permission.

Maybe some one got his email adress, and can send him one with a link to this topic.

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