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GR:FS Delayed!

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ARMA2 replaces ghost recon already - its better all round in my opinion.

why hold out for GR4 when you could be playing good games right now - waste of time - game on.

Not everyone likes buggy milsims.

I hope [GR 4] isn't as hardcore{boring} as Arma2.

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We've been looking for another good tactical shooter. However, if it doesn't support LAN coop play, and I haven't looked yet, we won't buy it. A friend and myself stopped playing the R6 series due to the copy protection ruining our disc drives. We can't play online so LAN is a must. And I love a game that has a good Mod community too, for when the orignal format gets tired.

UBI in the past has disappointed me a number of times when a game could have been so much better. I use Hawx as an example. But I keep hoping.

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Well Redstorm have not done a PC game since 2005 and that was R6 Lockdown which due to massive changes from the original R6 titles went down like a lead balloon. Every thing since then (from what i can see) has been console games, So if they are developing GR4 you can expect nothing more than a XBox Port :o

like a lot of other games that have come out over the last few years Developers are not interested in people who bought a game in 2001 and are still playing it in 2009 <_< they all have a "Buy it, Play it, Shelf It" attitude to games and expect you to buy several titels in a year. :blink:

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Thanks. Lockdown was infected by starforce which caused reputation of the game. There were some other minor issues, but the game itself was good. Of course there will be people standing by their opinion; however if the game didnt have starforce, it would be perceived much better. I remember when demo first came out. It had good response from players, but it was starforce that alienated people later on.

Lockdown is not the only case where game was bashed due to various reasons not always related to actual game play.

Actually Lockdown was different from Raven Shield, didnt vary much from two original R6 series.

I'm pretty sure RSE is still more than capable of making a great pc game. Unfortunately i doubt they'll make it for both platforms at the same time and i'm afraid console will have preference, regrettably. Still, i'd rather have good port from them that semi entertaining product from someone else.

Well, i guess we have to wait and see.

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Do you have high hopes for GR4????

No. Ubisoft have never understood Red Storm's games, and haven't yet made a good one yet. I won't hold my breath for GR4 to get released, much less to be a good game. When Ubi stops catering to 13 year-old children, then maybe they'll start making good games. Maybe.

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