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So there I was...running, diving for cover and shooting, then repeating the process...as you do. The next minute I'm accused of glitching. I'd just killed the accuser at point blank range, whilst I was crouching besides a rock. I responded by asking how. Without any reply I was banned. :wacko:

This was the only server I'd played on in the last few weeks since I've installed the game. I had to look up the definition of the word glitching to make sure it hadn't changed. I'd never seen anyone doing it whilst I've played on that server and I don't know how I could be glitching without knowing it.

Anyway, if any of you know some decent servers out there, let me know.


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I haven't played in a long time but there are some areas that some would call a glitch IE castle has areas where near spawning to the far right of map you could shoot through a blocked sign or fountain.

It's better to get to know those that ya play with and join thier Teamspeak so when this happens they can relate the problem as some Admins are hot heads or just immature.

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