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Is There Anything RIGHT With GRAW?

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GRAW was lots of fun. Many people say CoD strikes the perfect balance between arcade and simulation. Well i think thats bonkers, GRAW is. You have simple weapon ballistics, easy command structure, but is balanced by the amount of bullets you take and the speed of your movement.

Mind you i have never played the previous GR's (always meant to, just never got around to it), so i don't have a method to gauge how things are "wrong" with GRAW. But this is my opinion, i love it, still play it along side ARMA 2, R6V2, BF2PR and FSX, its perfectly fine.

I have played both on the console and they were simply terrible, nothing compared to the PC versions.

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i know it's a little late but i kind of like GRAW but i didnt like the pc version much, i think it was the fact that it was just you and three idiots with guns. rock on marcus brown he's the only original teammate there. where the heck did all the others get to i mean you hear of ramirez, parker, salvatore, foster and burke (kia) but what about diaz and mike kim i know diaz turns up in the console versions. general keating reminds me of my grandad with those massive spectacles i liked the whole fact of being able to pick what goes on your gun and allot more but another thing that annoyed me is that there was a lack of igor there was a level editor but i just cant get my head around it at all. people say that igor is harder to use but to me it's easier.

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