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Performance with BETA 190.38 NVIDIA drivers

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Nvidia Forceware Drivers: BETA 190.38

The new driver has an ArmA 2 profile (works with SLI) already in the driver as standard.

I just tried a very quick run around in a saved editor mission that I had used when trying settings

and I definitely got "a handful" more FPS (on FRAPS) than I did before

and importantly it stayed at 60 more often (so it felt a lot "smoother" too) although it did dip to 45-50 at times when I went in woods with lots of shadows.

If you don't mind using a "beta" give em a try if not I'm sure the WHQL release version will be along soon

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Ooooo...getting that tonight. Got to love the frames bump.

I had to reduce the o/c on my 260GTX as I was getting strange textures after an hour of play on ARMA 2 (memory might have been pushed a bit far)...so this may help restore the lost frames.


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