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Posted by Placebo on the forums

So after tracking down a certain Mr. Spanel, I can tell you the current patch log is as follows:

    *Improved airplane HUD visibility.

    *Direct analogue throttle and brake for airplanes now available.

    *Optimization: Reduced frame stutter near map borders.

    *Sea surface was not rendered in NE area out of map.

    *Terrain surface was sometimes using wrong parallax map.

    *Grenade can destroy a building just by impact

    *Radio echo elimination

    *Team switch did not work when player died

    *More flexible configuration of Flares in the config (brightness, size)

    *Reduced AI detecting slowly moving enemy vehicles by ear.

    *Prevent killed units reporting who killed them.

The above will be fixed/improved as applicable and are of course subject to change in terms of inclusion in 1.03, nor does this list mean that other fixes won't be included with 1.03

And before you ask, no current ETA besides as soon as possible

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