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How to Enable Minimap Offline Multiplayer xbox 360

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I just got GRAW 2 xbox 360 and we want to play Offline Split screen 4 player; however is there anyway to turn on a mini-map or something to find each other during elimination matches. Its really frustrating to meet each other only by luck. We played a few 30mins matches and the highest score was 5 kills. We would sometimes go for 10+ mins without finding each other; which is really NO FUN at all.

Can someone please tell me EXACTLY how to turn on the mini-map or something to find each other..


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Your best bet is to keep the drone on and use it to search for the other players. I don't believe that enemies will just "appear" on the map (press the back button to pull up the map in game). I think you can also turn enemy diamonds on too so that you can see them on screen... but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of GR.

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