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This might be a bit off topic but here goes.

The Modheads are back in action! After locogamer went down we did too..same server and all. But now we are back with the team who built locogamer..aka =MH=Jackal and crew. :D

A fresh new look and starting to upload mods for GR. Its all free on a T-3 server for fast downloads. No Advertising! :rocky: Gamer owned and operated, 24 hrs a day.

Anyone having trouble finding a place to host their mod or tutorial or what ever just come by the site and leave a message. I'll get you on in no time!

Its a total support site for the mod player who wants the best and a fast download. Forums on all aspects of modding and play styles, and a fun Pro American site to catch a bit of the lighter side of whats going on. :hehe:

This is the home of Project-X Modworks, with all the news and screenies on the Project-X mod from the Modheads and the NGRU. A big one with Intense action and features. More PX info will be posted in this forum in a few days.

If you liked Locogamer, youll love Modheads! :D

Mon buy and sign up, its all free for the GR community!

"Get the Mods and play the cool games!"

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the size of the mod at this time is between 80 - 100MB. We had to leave out 10 new enviroments due to maps not being able to be completed in time...aka this year....but dont despair...all im saying is that even if it was 5mb..its gonna whoop ur ass!!

Stay tuned. I will post details soon on our website...and if Rocky will be so kind enough..on gr.net also.

Jackal Out.

www.modheads.net :sheep:

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