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ONE thing you would like to see added OR removed

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Well I suppose you want us to be comparing to the latest release... so GRAW 2.

ADDED: More realism (injury system, fatigue, recoil, stealth, recon, bullet physics, interactive environments.)

REMOVED: (Crosscom, showing enemy locations onscreen, small linear maps)

Like everyone says. Basically make it as similar to [GR] with better graphics/physics/AI. But make it have all your future soldier tech and story.

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Can you prevent players from being able to adjust the ingame sound code? I've been playing a lot of GRAW 1 online and some players are using a 'legal' hack, whereby they've altered the game code that enhances the ingame sound, allowing them to have the advantage of hearing opponents well in advance.


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I want to see a variety of enviroments like woodlands, snowland, desert, jungle,

in one game.

With missions going all over the world, playing on these maps.

If you don't like going from snow to desert in 2 missions, then make campaigns.

One campaign for woodland, one for desert ect.

Also I like BIG maps and little ones, variety is the key...

I know that all campaign-stories have been told already,

same missions over and over gets boring, desert siege, island thunder, ect., but if you make

everything RANDOM, and NON-LiNEAIR, it should be enough for awhile...

balance is always important (gameplay vs reality)

(im just talking , i dont know what's really going on... :lol: )

what I do know, and what scares me, that is if theres gonna be a future soldier,

what future do we get after that ?? it must be terrible :huh:

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Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post was removing pre-fire. In GRAW 1 you can't shoot whilst running, but being able to pre-fire, something which I admit I can't get the hang of, is close to it. There have been countless times where I've been quick off the mark and tried to fire and nothing happens. It's so frustrating stumbling across an enemy in MP at point blank range and not being able to shoot whilst running.


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Just so people can understand this, Scott Mitchell will most likely feature only as your commander, not as the player character.

If you guys didn't know, End War ties in all games (Rainbow Six, GR and Splinter Cell) . Scott Mitchell is the commander of the US troops.

New thing, Destructable Enviroments, Im down for that.

Get rid of Gamespy bull#### for the games, Why can't i just play with dedi servers like COD4. No log in required. But if you do have a log in system, make sure it works like BF2's and BC2's. Ranks and Upgrades online would be great, and a wider weapon choice in SP (with upgrades, I love testing weaponry).

Oh and for people who say get rid of cross com, Its Future soldier, I saw a post on this topic which said get rid of the futuristic stuff. (<--Who ever posted that. is ####ing Tarded)

Just pointing that out.

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Hi Catalyst440, welcome to the forums.

You will find our community here friendly and helpful so I would respectfully ask you not to use name calling as a way of getting your point across.

Just because you have a different opinion to other members here is doesn't make yours or their opinion wrong, name calling will only spark of an argument and do nothing towards the ongoing discussion.

We want you to enjoy your stay here so please treat your fellow members with a little respect.



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Thanks man, Im sorry if any of that post is offensive to anyone, I Don't mean it in an offensive way. Just Trying to prove a point. On one hand i dont really have good manors and so ill try to keep my vulgar vocab and idiotic agressiveness to a minimum.

Thanks John.

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Thanks Catalyst,

I didn't want you to get off on the wrong foot here as we value all our members comments and appreciate the time that you all put into making GR.net what it is today.

If you are polite and respect other members you will find our community very helpful and any problems you have that are gaming or PC related just post them in the appropriate forum and we will all do our very best to help you out.



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At this point, I would have to say:

ONE thing to remove:

- Remove "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon:" from the game's title

ONE thing to add:

- Add "Ubisoft's" to the game's title

Ubisoft's Future Soldier - yes, that sounds about right. :hmm:

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