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I know this is in reference to GRAW 1's files but this mod is for GRAW 2. What i am intending on doing is making a lone wolf mod for GRAW 2. I made the mandible that goes on the helmet in max. Like if you ever played GRAW 2 on the 360 and you go to character customize, its the mask that looks like a breathing apparatus. Anyway i dont have GRAW 1 anymore and i only have the sample files for the weapons. If anyone has the ghost_lead.max file in their


I would really appreciate it if someone could upload that and hand it to me.

If i do get this i am going to port the old body and helmet and head over to GRAW 2 with the mandible and touch up the multicam to make it more detailed. It'll look like the lone wolf soldier off Ghost recon summit strike. Thanks in advance.

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