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Things we don't need in GR:FS

Dr Death

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There are some things that just aggravate the heck out of me in GR:AW 2 and I would love to see these eliminated completely in Ghost Recon 4. I doubt I am alone with these thoughts...

General Martin: Can we please get rid of this guy? There are a few maps in the DLC where he says... "Ghosts, destroy the enemy targets." Really? As if being a Ghost all these years that idea hadn't sunk in yet. There are other instances of this Martin guy that border on asinine. Just do away with all the high-tech stuff and that should eliminate Martin altogether.

Time Limits: Okay, I get it for on-line play. But there are also those of us who would love to play a map, on or off-line, and have no time limit. Can we at least get the option to turn this off? I rather doubt in real world exercises that teams of elite forces are inserted and told, "you have one hour to finish this mission." There may be times in real world where time is a sensitive issue, but the option to turn this off would be nice. It would also be nice if there were bigger maps with much more to do and no time limit. Yes, there are those of us who would love to play tough maps that may take two or three hours to complete. Again... options... are the best way to deal with this.

Objective time limits: This really should go with the above, but there are certain objectives where you are told... ahem, by Martin, that you need to demo something... and you get roughly 15 seconds to do so and if you don't, you have failed and helicopters are sent in to pummel you. It really is no fun to be 30 minutes into a map, all done with the utmost stealth realism as possible, then suddenly you are forced to go kamikaze to get one stupid objective done.

One way to keep this real would be to have all of our objectives laid out prior to the insertion, and to be told, this Com Tower needs to be demoed within the first 10 minutes or else all hell will break loose. At least then we could have our maps with no time restriction and yet have certain objectives where we need to get them done ASAP. As someone who plays this game solo it is very frustrating to be put in impossible situations.

The Locks map in GR:AW 2 is a great example of needing to demo something yet having the freedom to do it whenever. More of this, please.

All I want to get across to the developers is that we are not all run & gun players. There are many of us who like things stealth and real. Slow is good. For one, it adds tension, and in a game like GR, tension is essential.

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I agree with everything except General Martin. He adds a sense of urgency to missions in the game which are based on rapidly changing events on the ground. I mean you basically have the top General sending you into the most sensitive trouble spots in a rapidly evolving operation.

Plus he's voiced by a great actor.

I can see how he wouldn't be necessary if they go with a decidedly more covert feel as the "Predator" name might suggest.

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10 Things that dont belong:

1.Over the shoulder view

2.excessively action all the time orriented maps

3.COD style kill streaks

4.Random spawns or any other system that wrecks the flow of combat

--> you as a TEAM should be responsible for protecting your spawn and killing

5.Tanks or other drivable vehicles.. GTFO

6.Any system, item, uniform, or other device that is intended to even the playing field.

7.Some jack ass agenda to make this game a COD clone

8.Matchmaking --> wrecks community

9. Any concept that my endanger or replace the idea of ONE SHOT ONE KILL

10.Panssie's who want to change GR into an easy run and gun HALO, COD, Ureal Tournament Love triangle.

Those games are all sweet in their own regard but GR is not the same animal! never was and never will be

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If they are going to keep it real, then they have to keep snipers that have a rapid response. What they need to add is weapon customization, and more customization other than helmets. And maybe some more Multiplayer modes. KEEP VEHICLES OUT!! GR4 doesn't need to be tainted with something so stupid.

I enjoy co-op in all game, especially military shooters, so I think they should add more co-op modes as well. Not just a horde mode, but objective based co-op that up to 16 players can assist each other in. More players in the game, the harder it gets.

Over-the-shoulder can stay, but have the option to change the camera angle. Larger maps would be nice, but also different environments. Oh, and make the ranks better, were it actually feels good to rank up. And wayyy more guns please. There just aren't enough assault rifles and they all feel the same to me.

As for the single player, General Martin can stay, he does add more to the lacking story. He gives the story emotion and if he wasn't in there doing what he does, I probably wouldn't have cared so much on what the war was about. Since there are no actual cut scenes, they need to keep him. But for GR4 they should have a stronger story. So its more enjoyable.

Thats what I think. I've played Ghost Recon 2 and up, so I think they should go back to those and see what was so great about those.

If you don't like my input, I'm sorry to hear that. lol :P

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I agree on some of your points such as rank and larger maps however i dont think we need just more varied content, we need whatever content but to a great standard. I think gr2 did that best.

I think vehicles could work if they were only used for long distance travel missions(you say you want large maps), if you drive the vehicle into combat your cover is blown and so it would pay to get out and go by foot for stealth.

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The reload icon that takes up a lot of your view when reloading,when i shoot someone and see someone else that needs to be taken down,if i reload i have to move my direction view to the left or right while that icon comes up on the middle of my tv just to keep track of my enemy,make it smaller,and move it to the bottom right or something by the icons that show how much ammo you have left.

I just find it too overwhelming,it dosnt need to be that big anyway.

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LOOK...I myself also want to prevent GR FS from becoming COD or HALO, so I think we should hold on to what makes GRAW GRAW, but at the same time there are things from these other games that could help the GR FS become even better than its predecesors.

When I look at multiplayer, I look at it as either a central government (federal), or like a federation (loose regulation and alot of power to the states)

GRAW2 was like a federation...gave alot of power to host and allowed flexibility...But that flexibility started to transform the game.

COD and Halo are like central powers, with a stong dependable matchmaking sytem, but doesn't give much flexibility unless you have a private match.

I think that GR FS needs to have a little of both and be a Democratic-republic (combination of the two mentioned above) which is the government of the U.S.


Something that I so hope they keep is being able to change ROF, and to keep 3rd person view.

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