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Developer´s Diary video - No.1 Basic Controls

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As part of a continuous commitment to ARMA IIs dedicated fan community, Bohemia Interactive has created a series of developer diaries to be published online, starting July 1st.

The main goal of these videos is to reveal the depth of the game and describe in an easy-to-understand way how fun it really is to play ARMA II and enjoy one of the most sophisticated military simulator on market

No.1 Basic Controls -Jan Prazak Bohemias PR manager explains the basic controls of ARMA II, shown using comprehensive video footage captured ingame.

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Yeh, not to sound too shallow, but the GFX + the complexity, put me off.

That was a great video, liked the rolling around flattening the grass thing at the end :rofl: All the realism topics he touched on, were spot on. The graphics looked okay to me in this video.

Once thing, he talked about zooming in, and holding breath to steady a shot. I saw a cool new zooming effect this week, believe it or not, in Call of Juarez Bound in Blood. When you zoom in (RMB), after a few seconds, you get a little further zoom. This simulates real life where if you stare at something, after a few seconds extra detail is revealed as tunnel vision kicks in and you are able to more fully concentrate on the target. It's really cool and every FPS should add this now! :thumbsup:

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