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Coop Water Plant is ready for release!


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This is my first mission guys, so I hope you all enjoy it.

Bundle link - Coop Water Plant

Mission Author: Stig783

File Size: 2.19MB

Version: 9.3



Ghosts we need your expertise once more. There have been rumors going around that some rebels are gathering near an old Water Plant. We would like you to go in and see what's happening. Intel on number of hostiles is unkown, so expect heavy resistance should you be discovered. There is also a possiblity the rebels have armor, and air support, so stay frosty ghosts.

We expect nothing less than victory.

Primary Objectives:-

Destroy ADAT 1

Destroy ADAT 2

Secondary Objectives:-

Destroy any hostile armor encountered

Eliminate hostiles

Primary objectives are the most crucial ghosts. Good luck!

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Hi Stig,

I see your mission hasn't been released yet.

Did you PM Rocky the link to this post to let him know the mission is ready for release, he will then add it to the download section.

If you don't tell him he may not realise the mission is finished, If you have told Rocky it may be worth sending him a reminder as he is very busy ay the moment.

Well done on your first release. :thumbsup:


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Congrats on your first release Stig!!

Yay! Congrats Stig!

We were hoping to play this one more, but we haven't brought it out lately because the linear structure makes it a bit long - squeezing that "quick" little round of GRAW2 between doing A and B on a busy weekday is sorta the norm for us!

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