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I am known to complain a fair bit, so just to balance things up a little, top props to Belkin.

My Belkin wirelss router was giving frequent disconnects, then died altogether a few weeks ago. Belkin have a live support system on their UK site, so I logged in and explained the fault with their rep.

He asked for the model and serial number then my address and phone number and said a rep would phone within 48 hours, and a new one would be shipped out.

No issue with where it was purchased, or how long I have owned it (years by the way), just agreed it was faulty and to send a replacement.

Awesome service.

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Belkin support actually phoned me within 10 minutes, emailed me a return label postage free and hung on the line until I confirmed the email had come through. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Yesterday a brand new (not refurbished) wireless router arrived from Belkin, plugged it in, set up security, good to go again.

That's me a confirmed Belkin for life customer.

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Great customer service... not a fan though of there routers (in the past they have had some weird configs and there usb wireless drivers were not very good). We get alot of cables from them (ethernet, usb printer and such + i'm using a Belkin speed pad which razer helped design... no problems there.

Same reason though i stick with intel, evga and Viewsonic. Viewsonic a few years back overnighted me a replacement LCD. Total time on the phone was 5 minutes and my address. Can't beat that. Evga, even though i hadn't registered my 8800GTX honored my lifetime warranty on the card (had me register 1st though lol) and @ the shop, the only 4 intel processors we ever had dead on arrival was a 15 min call away. Intel would overnight them to us with no questions asked nor return needed to get it shipped.

Customer service does go a long way... especially with gamers like us who stress the hardware to the max.

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