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I was playing around with my Calenders that Vista has and found a neat feature. While it is known you can import and export calenders, what I haven't seen anyone talk about is how the calenders are displayed. Well, I found out today.

All checked calenders are displayed so you can see all calenders no matter which calender you are actually looking at. In my case, I have 2 right now, a personal calender and a work calender (which I use to track my work and experience hours in) and I think it pretty cool that I do not have to open a seperate calender to look at both.

This is a very handy feature and hope it carries over to Windows 7 if it includes a calender.


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Thanks for the tip WK, until you mentioned it, I never even checked out Windows Calender even though I've been running Vista since it came out ...

I don't use Outlook Express either, but MS new Hotmail Calender was just upgraded and pretty good.

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I use thunderbird for mail management, i use the lightning extension which is a calendar-events-task thing.

I have like 4 different calendars, you select the color of each one to show up in the calendar, and you can exchange them with other programs, gmail, ...

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