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Game looks really pretty good, better than I thought it would.

Whichever dev though it was a good idea to have the shopping list/pick list voice comms in stacato needs shot though. I don't care how much memory or whatever they are saving doing voice messages that way, somethings are best left undone than done badly. And this is definitely one of them.

Nice detail on the models and terrain, I pumped almost everything up to high at 1680x1050 and it seemed to run okay on mu 8800 GTS but I'll ned to take some benchmarks to me sure - looked great on those settings though. Nice scalable video options too.

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I'm too busy dodging bullets to notice the great details :rofl:

anyway, @ the MOUT training, I like how the AI tries to flank you. I keep using the HUMVEE for mobile coverage.

sound is terrific on my Audigy ZS + BeyerDynamic DT770 (but still have headache from the compression of headphone <_< )

first impression: ArMa + ACE MOD + cupful of ArMa mods = ArMa 2

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I liked it. The very first mission is quite impressive. Getting healed in the middle of a firefight is awesome. The more I dug into the demo though the more I found it's really much of the same from ArmaA. There are pathfinding issues. I give a waypoint order to some humvees and they crawl along the road really slow. Helicoptors crash in the air (although that could be because there were like 7 of them at a time). But then I realized that I had been playing the demo for a couple hours. That's certainly positive. I probably won't get the game right away. Maybe when it's 35 or 40 dollars. The sound effects are much improved over ArmaA. However, the voiceacting is still terrible. I hope the modding community takes to the game as they did with ArmaA.

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Rocky, not sure if this works with the demo but u can try :


"Removes a set of lapidar audio comments, but the messages remains always in there."

Since it's a demo just put the pbo files inside the ArmA2\Addons folder, remember to use modfolders for the "real" game.

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I downloaded it the other day and gave it a try.. At first I was like "meh?", cause it was choppy and I couldnt figure out the controls. Well after some fiddleing around with the settings and the controls im like "Sweet!" I will say that I do like the game alittle more in 3rd person, for me it gives it the Ghost Recon 2 for the 360 feel to it which I kinda liked, and its really fun. The only things now that I dont like on it are the radio chatters sounds like the men are picking words from a sound board, and the fact that I cant get Track IR to work for the demo :(.

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Got the demo............and I'm really trying to get into the game.

Never played either one, (OFP or ARMA) but I am willing to try.

Don't like the "phonetic-style" of chatter in the game.Sounds like several different voices were spliced together to sound out the words. Kinda weird.

The graphics are really good. But LOW frame rates. 20 to 25.

The squad controls are a little overwhelming at first, but I'll stay with it. (note: makes GRAW squad controls looks SOOOOOO easy and simple)

Not sure I like the single push of RT Mouse button for iron sights. Keeps toggling out. Hard to get a clear shot off.

Havew tried some MP. Not very good yet as the enemy is hard to detect. But thewn again, this is a "military-sim" NOT a close quarters battle sim, right?

I am impressed that as large a demo WAS created for the public. Shows a commitment to try to get as many new players as possible with their game.

I'll keep on keeping on............................ :thumbsup:

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Between Cobol, X-Wind and Dai-San we now have a dedicated server running on the machine our COD stuff runs on.

One word SMOOTH

Ok so it's only one PvP mission I've tried but it's so smooth I think even CQB may be doable, I never thought I'd be able to say that and it's before the modders have worked there majic.

Ok wrong thread as this is about the full version not the demo but hey I'm excited.

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I have Arma 1, never seemed to be for me. <_<

Downloaded Demo, installed, didn`t work. :angry: Reinstalled, same deal. :huh: Found directx fix, phew. :sweating:

Went through boot camp.

Still not too sure about the zoom functions. (right click twice for full zoom?)

Unable to fire the AT launcher? :blush:

Just stay away from the helicopter for now sunshine. :blush:

All else good so far.

Feels like there are a million buttons I need to figure out still here. Looking at adding 5 or 6 A4 sheets around the desk here. Maybe hang some more in the bathroom to read and around the house in general.

Plays nice here with just below average settings, had some tweaks and tips from FF, all nice.

Single player missions have been fun on low difficulty, yet to try a harder level. But still in need of loads of time to figure out all the controls. Plus the fact I still have not completed them yet.

Overall, I think some small missions will play really nice here. Hope I get to enjoy it, already happy to order my copy.

Editor is straight forward to use, had a little firefight to extraction knocked up in 10 minutes here, looks good.

Always good to have another game to play when not playing GR1. This 1 is worthwhile, with the right set of people.


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same here Tinker...too many buttons, sometimes the wheelmouse can select my status options, sometimes not.

sometimes the AT fires, sometimes not....I do look forward in seeing the javelin in action...my favorite in ArMa1.

I'll wait for the "other" ArMa2 game demo before buying---forgetting the name right now--dragon something---

or switch up to a 295GTX??? vidcard...but it this game seems dependent on CPU vs GPU.

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For controls i don't know how you do it but in ArmA i had changed the zoom and more stuff like enemy position info, the action menu, ...

I used the right mouse to zoom, one press ironsight/scope came and keep pressing more zoom. Not sure anyways, long time i don't play :D

About launchers, be sure you have ammo as pointed before.

And yes the game is CPU dependent, some people says u need 3.0 GHz to run it fine

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As for the Controls I have made changes that suit me IE right mouse is walk and middle mouse is Zoom But ArmA calls it OPTICS.

Once you get a few basic controls set up and play some EASY Coop then you will get a feel for it and start becoming more tactical then you become immersed in the game.

Of course this is not a 15 min game as some missions could take hours.

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As with OFP, the squad conrols are REALLY quirky.

Arma's AI was outright broken. Arma2's is fantastic, as long as you know how to wrangle them into doing what you want. It's actually too detailed, and way too abstract, it makes me wish for a graw like system so i could explain it easier when trying to introduce my friends to it.

Giving targets (but hold fire!) carefully managing the engage (move to fire;) and disengage (return to original movement order) commants so your machinegunners dont run off and get shot before they can start firing. Carefully managing the combat mode (danger! so they dont get slaughtered -- but watch them completely prioritize hiding over following your oders if you give it!) move orders to get them going in general direction, but orders like Engage and Advance to get them to leave semi-safe points...

It's kindof a mess. But it's a mess you can do great things with if you get used to it. Maybe it's supposed to simulate forging trusting relationships with your suboordinates. :P

also, holding right click zooms (in or out of sights), tapping enters iron sights. And the alt key! It's a lifesaver, use it while sprinting and reloading to get orders issued and an idea of the battlefield.

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