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Upgrading RAM advice needed.

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I only run XP here so far on my machines. I really want more memory. I can get up to 3.5GB with this setup if I really want, but I would prefer 8GB.

First option is to go for XP 64 bit, or windows 7. Not too sure. Only have a little bit of googling knowledge so far.

Is XP 64 bit fully compatible with all games in general? Is it fine to go for this instead of Windows 7? Any other options?


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I am running Vista 64 with 8 GB of RAM. The only games I found so far that had problem were a couple of my older ones. Deus Ex won't run for me and Mechwarrior 4 add on packs (Clan & IS) don't work. Other games I play have all been fine.

As to XP 64 or Wait for Win 7, the more that I hear about Win 7 I'd vote wait for it.

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Yep, that is same response from a few buds today also. Windows 7 looks like a worthwhile wait. Hoping to swap my 8800GT for a 9800GTX shortly. Have a 850PSU, just want some decent memory. I cannot even play some of the new GRAW2 missions. FPS is under 15 here.

Several editors and games all end up with the same problems, all lack of memory. <_<

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