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crashes on second mission (onboard sound)

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What with the current drought in good infantry computer games - I'm waiting to see how ArmA2 pans out - I thought I would load up GRAW2 just for the fun of it.

I haven't played GRAW2 since I had my previous PC, on which it worked fine (eventually). But on my newer PC - KABOOM! - crash on the second mission!

Having checked out the forums it seems most likely that the problem is my on-board sound chip (Creative Audigy). What a shame...

To be fair I have wanted to get a proper separate sound card for a while - but there always seemed to be other things to spend my money on, and so far I have been lucky as the on-board sound seemed to work OK for most everything else.

I am well out the loop about what is the better PCI card to get these days so can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sound card that should run OK with GRAW2 please?

Thanks guys,


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Maybe there is a onboeard chip ... will google for that.

Yepp: Creative onboard soundchip ... never heard of that before.

With a soundcard, the CPU will be discharged of the onboard sound. Maybe you chek your drivers first? Maybe you need the new driver and all your problems will be history.

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There are a few mainboards including laptop one's that for a certain price they could be firmware upgraded to a creative. That being said though... still not as good. I have an asus with a pci express soundmax. I was using an x-fi gamer but found this card actually sounds better when gaming in vista. (Go figure) and no lag. Creative is good but there drivers can be terrible and if you plan on windows 7 out of the box i'd wait to see if a new card comes out qualified for it. (Creative sucked in vista for the 1st 6th months with crappy drivers.

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Creative sucked in the first months in vista. But they did their best do figure it out.

The problem was the "Audio Port" on Vista. It wasnt possible to use EAX with Vista.

So Creative did the "Alchemy" Application. With that application all Vista users can enjoy EAX.

I use Vista since 2 years ... and the creative X-Fi is awesome. - Other products are still sucking with driver support and support EAX. Creative does. And they do it very well.

Onboard sound is only harassment of the CPU for bad sound quality.

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