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Custom Maps Movie

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Hi Oz*Ares,

Just watched the final movie in HD, really amazing piece of work and superb quality. :thumbsup:

I think the GRAW community need more movies like this as it really shows what the moders are capable of, I think I saw one or two of my maps in there, thanks for including them.

In my opinion you deserve a medal, this will help to keep GRAW2 alive. :notworthy:


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Thanks for all those nice feedback.

Some ppl. askedd about an other movie, e.g. for coop only.

But i think i ve to disappoint you.

It is very difficult to record on coop maps.

There are a lot of bots. If a scene isnt cool, or need different views, we must do a reload. that means -> Fakk ... kill those bots again. And in the final movie you will see only ~ 6 seconds of that scene.

In this movie "Import export" was done in ~ 12 hrs. But in the mo0vie you only see ~ 6 seconds.

This custom map movie was the hardest work we ever did. Its an harder job to create maps, and i guess you put much more time in it, but it is also difficult to have enough Members all that time.

1x Deathcam + 1x Soldier for "Cam" + 2 ppl minimum to play. = 4-6 pll are needed minimum.

... i ve an idea ... ve to sleep a night over it.

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Hmmm, isn't there a map version the map maker could provide you with so you don;t have to mess with the bots and can run around recording bits of the map that give you bot trouble?

There must be a way around this....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hmmm, isn't there a map version the map maker could provide you with so you don;t have to mess with the bots and can run around recording bits of the map that give you bot trouble?

There must be a way around this....

If i complete the PVP-MAP i will start the work on bogie maps (not that campaign stuff).

I think if we play the maps, search the "interesting / impressive" locations, it must be "easy" to do a version of that map, while deleting the other triggers.

But i dont know if that is much work for the modder / or for me to do that.

Will have a look on that if "hh_confrontation" is ready.

Thank you all for the nice feedback. I realize what a hard work it really is to create a map by doing an own.

So the next project for "advertising" will be a ~2 min movie of bogie´s map.

I personally loved and still love his small "storyline" in all that missions.

Kind Regards


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If I'm right you are saying you want to be able to use the coop maps but not have any AI in the mission.

There is a simple fix for this if you know how to unbundle a mission.

All you need to do is open the world.xml and look for the human tag then delete all the AI.

I maybe telling you what you already know but I will say it in case you are not sure. Using a piece of software called "XML Marker" which is free to download HERE, open the world.xml and look at the left hand side there you will see a window click on the plus sign to open the tree and locate the human tag. all you need to do then is delete everything between <human> and </human> using the window on the right.

The easiest way is to place the cursor under the <human> line than click and hold the left mouse key and drag it down until you get to the </human> tag, this will highlight all the AI entries you can the press delete to get rid of them, then just save and its all done no need to delete any triggers from the map or the mission.xml.

Don't forget to remove the bundle file with the same name from your "custom_levels" folder or the game will crash.

As I said, you may already know most of this but if you need any help I can do this for you, just let me know which maps you want doing and I will post the link here do you can download them.

Hope this Helps, :thumbsup:


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This would crash because of enemy being called in the script. ;)

You would also need a global mission.xml that you can put in to any mission you like to use. Change the spawn location in the world.xml to coop_spawn and this code should be all that is needed. I tink. <_<

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


<xi:include href="/data/levels/common/common.xml#xpointer(/common/*)"/>

<xi:include href="/data/levels/common/coop_ranks_ogr_quarry.xml"/>

<xi:include href="/data/levels/common/coop_rules.xml"/>


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This would crash because of enemy being called in the script.

hmm, not convinced here Tinker as I use this method all the time when testing my missions, never had a crash yet.

Can't see why you would need a global mission file, I would have thought the original one would be ok or am I missing something here, once the AI are removed from the world.xml then you would just run the mission as normal.

This is what I do when testing objectives for a mission and don't want to fight through the whole game, I just remove all the AI from the world.xml and run the mission.


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Aha so the game is fine calling an ememy in the script even if it is not there? I remember it crashing if the group were named incorrect at least, just assumed it would if it could not find the group. Sry do not have the game anymore to check, and never came across the need myself,was just a thought that came up.

But good to know though. :P

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Iam just working on a custom map for player vs player. I dont ve any knowledge about coop missions and scripting.

Isnt there an easy way, to split the triggers?

An other option:

It would be awesome, if some of our OZ* will show balls, and play in the night, so we can play together.

So i can get your names into the movie, playing on some awesome maps ( i love the new map of bogie *fury*on nowhere with the graw 1 building and kick ass sound - that map ve to be in that movie - btw).


- Squad of 3-5 players max. : Its parly difficult to do different views in coop because of the AI and the ability for players to reenact some scenes, to gain diff. views. So its smart to keep the teamsize low.

- 3 rd person mod should be enabled some times, because its filling the "picture" and makes the movie more beautiful and gives every map a "good touch".

- 2 guys from OZ* which do the camera work + me recording.

- every modder which is interested in, can suggest 1-3 maps which should be in the movie.


Personally i would like it, if the modders are in the movie, when "their" map is shown. So i can do a nice outro, showing the "modders name" on the map.

PROBLEM: I can do a "how to do" movie, how we do the different views. But it needs the use of a glitch and i don think its very smart to shem that online, how to use that wierd glitch. :blush:

(All who know, how to slide and shot, will remember what will happen, if you use the slide without "sticky peeking" on a special "movement".)

So i think the best way is to do the cam is by 2 of my clanmembers, which are highly "professional" in doing this cam-slide / deathcam usage/ discover nice positions. Those two guys know how to do it cool. :thumbsup:

@ John: Your maps have a lot of enemies in the beginning, so its very difficult to reenact senes on them. Or i am only too bad in handle your missions. I never played a mission from you without dieing :hehe:

Edited by oz-ares
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I just commented on the youtube video, but it was an amazing video, and, if I didn't already play them all, I would be going to download every single one of them now!!

What a brilliant piece of editing genius, you are an inspiration to us all


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  • 4 months later...

I would like to download this movie "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Multiplayer - MODS - New Maps (PC)", is it possible and can someone from the Clan "Outlawz" give me persmission to do it and a download link to use?

Best regards and happy new year!!


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Oz-ares, I want to start by saying GREAT work on the video, it really inspired me. I actually have a probably simple question for ya that has to do with the camera angles you get in your video.

I myself have never made a GRAW2 movie before, but I have made a handful of GRAW1 coop movies... my movies are from a inner-clan coop tournament I held about a year back... the movies themself include the teamspeak convo going while we are playing, the in-game sound, and ambient music playing aswell.

Now my main focus is on how I can get the superb camera angles you got in this great video. I know I see the 3rd person mod in there for the over the shoulder look, but outside that... were you in spectator mode? or is there a way to save replay files in GRAW2 (like GR1) that I haven't heard about?

Thanks for any help or advice,

Mezr any help or advice,


[staff Edit: Warning! these videos contain some strong language. Please add a warning note to your posts when there is this type of content] :thumbsup:

Edited by JohnTC02
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How do you get on with that phone NoFears? Mrs Rocky's 5800 is away to the repair shop for the 4th time due to it locking up all the time.

I have had my Nokia 5800 since spring last year and i have had no issues at all with my mobil phone.

Maybe Mrs Rocky got an bad example from the store and should replace it with new one from the store.

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