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505 version [Arrived] !

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Amazon UK confirm they posted my copy today via Royal Mail Special Delivery for delivery tomorrow morning :yay:

just as well I'm on leave tomorrow ^_^:D

has anyone else pre-ordered it or is planning to pick it up "in store" tomorrow/Saturday ?

or you still sitting on the fence awaiting initial feedback of the 505 version after the "premature" German version

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Has anyone else pre-ordered it or is planning to pick it up "in store" tomorrow/Saturday ?

I'm planning on picking a copy up from local game store tomorrow (friday). ArmA 2 and steam, what's the deal here?, is arma2 dependent on steam, meaning you have to load steam client, load arma2 from disc, then have to wait an hour or so (maybe longer?) to play the game?. I'm not blowing off steam about steam, it's ok.

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Mine is on preorder, but has not shipped yet. I am not expecting it until middle of next week (I ordered it from cdwow).

@Halli, Do not wait for Atari, they are not (to the best of my knowledge) publishing it anywhere... Steam version is slated for release on 26 June.

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Some of the videos are pretty cool looking.

Big Battles:

Slow Motion of Animations:

Infantry Combat:


However, the original game looked great and they certainly do a good job with the models and animations but the movement and gameplay needed some work. I'm reserving judgment til the demo. :)

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PC Gamer says it's "visually impeccable", & i agree. Just picked the game up, the installation was fairly quick and painless, just getting to grips with the game. Not sure about the grenade launcher 3dp sight though. Going to try win 7 ultimate evaluation build 7100 later, got some work to do now. Good stuff so far, cool game.

win vista hp 64-bit

phenom x4 @2.6ghz

4870x2 - ccc 9.6

4gb 800mhz ram

x-fi soundcard

sata hdd

crt @1024x768@85Hz






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ArmA 2 was a quick and painless installation in windows 7 ultimate (evaluation copy) build 7100. I maxed out the video settings, well as very high as i could go and the games a beauty, framerate is a bit low but i'll tweak it till i'm satisfied at decent graphics and frame rate. I'm using a 17" CRT monitor @1024x768@85Hz because i love it, i have a widescreen hd tft but imho it is not as good overall as the trinitron crt.






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that shows how nice the game looks, and also how the AI behaves in combat. Make sure to click the high quality button.

I'm starting to think I might have to try this one. Could be an upgrade in my future.... :wizard:

The voice is kind of robotically annoying though, guess you can't spend your time on everything.

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When it comes to the voice-work in general I miss Papa Bear(he was the king-deal in OFP).

The biggest issue I have with the radio-voices is the new way of telling whats going on. "Get out of that!" and everything. Do it the OFP-style. Bring back the coordinates and NAME EVERYTHING(e.g. Blackhawk)! Or for example: not - enemy in "townname here"; Far; Very far - left, right - I never see anything or know what to look for. In OFP I took a glimpse at the compass and immediatly knew where to look. So much for that.

In the campaign I miss the set-up of Operation Flashpoint.

Missions where you just had to drive a car or truck for once without any combat. Those missions had dialogue(spoken by real voice-actors) in them and brought the characters closer to you.

You learned to fly a Blackhawk in a simple evac-mission. You had some tank-training, got yourself a M60-tank before getting to have an abrams. You even got to play a Black Op behind enemy lines. Most importantly, a big portion of the campaign you were "only" a soldier following orders. Giving you much time to just enjoy the game and get a real hang of it before being promoted and being in charge of up to 12 Men or a few tanks.

So much variety.

Unfortunately all that is absent in ArmA I and II.

Instead they tried to bring base-building(very poor attempt to make it wors) into ArmA...what is that ? I don't want that. I didn't buy a RTS-game! Also they kind of brought the Multiplayer-Evolution-Missions into the campaign..really. Can't get into detail there - kind of spoiling story there.

I wonder how many of the original developers are left. The technology has been upgraded, but the campaign has lost so much. In OFP, the campaign has been the heart and soul with all it's characters "Gastovski, James Gastovski.", Armstrong, Hammer..the Resistance..

Not to mention the lovely mission in the end, when you picked up every major character to drive to town and have a drink..as the game ends.

Basically that is the only difference - the campaign and how it has been created.

These are the things where Codemasters came in when OFP has been developed. BIS obviously is lacking some budget. Still, at least they are staying true to their concept and really tried hard. I appreciate it and continue on enjoying ArmA II with its flaws.

And well, I don't really care for bugs here and there - OFP still has so many of them, yet with its approach on gameplay and mission-design I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Everybody here knows that ArmA II has cons - for me the pros outweith the cons though. You have to decide for yourself if the pros do it for you or not.

(not that I listed any ArmA II pros - just wanted to kindly vent after playing through the campaign.) 0:)

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Clue us in on the Editor -and the new Logics- when you get a chance.

I'm no pro at arma 1 or 2's editor but i use it to test/play and generaly have fun. Imho ArmA 2's editor is very much the same as ArmA 1. Maybe someone else who has a bit more experience and with the game logics etc can most probably give you a more in-depth review, but to me the logics are much of the same as the first games.





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Well after the first three or four missions in single player i decided to give it a rest, ArmA II has lots of eye candy and most everything about it is good stuff but unfortunately for me i'm struggling with much too low frame rate in the sp campaign. I have played ArmA II on win xp 32-bit and vista 64-bit and also win 7 64-bit. I have tried all different kinds of in-game settings from low, medium and a mixture of different screen resolutions. I have tried to tweak it the best i could but for me the game struggles too much of the time to keep some sort of constant frame rate and to enjoy the game. I have set the in-game video settings from very high to high to normal and even low with a screen resolution of 1680x1050 tft and 800x600 85hz crt and i get the same frame rate, quite odd really. So i'm going to leave game on shelf, so to speak and wait for future patches and see if they improve performance. ArmA I was much the same if i recall. Great game is ArmA 2 but for me right now i'm rather frustrated with the performance, frame rate is way too low for my enjoyment.

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