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Hello everyone , I would like to welcome all you die hard Ghost Recon players and clans to come check us out @ www.innercirclegaming.net. Things our Ladder offers.

1) on site chat for finding matches

2) A working ACP (Anti Cheat Program) Available in Downloads section.

2) All Replays and Missionstats saved to our site for download. ( this saves for taking SS's for report or the hassle of asking for replays.

3) There is no owners @ ICG - So everyone has a say in what happens with the league , We also encourage each clan to have a Admin or the limit of 2 Admins per team.

Thanks for taking the time to read and check us out @ ICG , If you have any questions Feel free to contact any of our Admins on contact list or my self.

icgpeeps = X-fire

thank you.

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Hello, ICG-ThEcLoWn here. We launched our site at the end of March 2009 with a clear idea of what we wanted to have: bringing GR back to the ladder competitions, get old school clans back and new clans along the way, build a team of elite experienced admins from the IGS days, and offer a cheat-free environment. So we first started inviting some friend clans to help us at start. Things started to grow up fast and now almost 3 months after we are reaching 300 player accounts and 500 matches. We are waiting for our first cycle to end to put the anticheat as mandatory but what is currently making our Ladder unique is:

1) On-site chat for finding matches. (no need for extra-login)

2) A professional and active staff of dedicated admins with at least 5-6+ years of GR experience.

3) A great map pack containing the bests maps out there. We got maps comming from every major mod made so far, maps from other games, with modified spawns adapted to our gameplay. All maps from GR, DS and IT have been converted to TRR spawns and added to the map pack as well.

4) Up-to-date (2009) rules about glitches, superpeeks, warping and every old/new move that's considered a bug in the game.

5) A working ACP (Anti Cheat Program, that is being used already for matching) available in Downloads section. This ACP, besides the anticheat blocking functions, has some extra features:

a) Replays, Mission Stats, Chat Logs (lobby, waiting screen, in-game) and random

screenshots are being taken and saved to the ICG site open for public (this saves for

taking SS's, reporting battles, the hassle of asking for replays, the need to use reconlog,

more control over the ladder, etc.).

b) Since you have to log-in with yar ICG account to use the program, IP, Time/DATE,

Hardware ID, account details and login attempts are being saved to the ICG site

preventing the problems of masking and bypassing the program.

6) 24/7 Help Desk at our Ventrilo comms.

7) There is no owners @ ICG - So everyone has a say in what happens with the league. We also encourage each clan to have a Admin with the limit of 2 Admins per team.

8) Professional IT and system manager, that also takes care of all the developing software for us including the anticheat.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc., feel free to leave a message on ICG Chat or Forums, ICG Ventrilo comms, or go directly to the admin contact list and talk to any of our Admins, myself included. (hoodtheclown = X-Fire)

Thanks, GL & HF Wink

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I looked over your site and it seems pretty cool. Been talking with our clan as most of us were from the GR1 days of matching. If i can fire a GR1 server up somewhere we may join. Oh and by super peeks you mean tiptoeing right?


Oh and forgot to ask... does your anticheat ban full screen night vision? some ladders back in the day allowed it. We are fine either way as i don't think any of us ever used it but just in case i want to make sure i explain it to our clan.

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Hi, and sorry for the late reply. Im glad you liked our site. I hope you can get your server back so you can start matching. In the meantime i invite you to dl the ICG Setup and install the ACP and the map pack and try it out. The map pack is basically urban-oriented but have other maps as well. Also it has every map of GR, DS, IT in TRR respawn mode. (full list of maps we play @ http://www.innercirclegaming.net/content.p...=&league=1)

I think you are refering to SuperTipToes rather than SuperPeeks, since the last is mostly refered as Invisible Peek or Invisa Peek. SuperTipToes are slighly different than TipToes since with them you can see & shoot over objects that you cant see and/or shoot in normal position or using TipToes, and the big difference is that with SuperTipToes you cant be seen. It's an old move from players from the 1.0 that in the last years have been used by some experienced players in ladders all around.

The anticheat does not ban Full Screen Nightvision since we had a vote within admins and we finally amended the rule. The rest of the rules are basically from the old IGS Ladder back in the day, and that's why many old school players are comming back. Im also considering to put up another GR ladder for players that play a different game style (kinda like ClanBase players). For that im currently in conversations with GhostLeague admins and players and already some of them have shown interest in joining. The idea of ICG is to provide a community ladder site for all types of GR players that want their own league, with their own rules and admins, maps, etc., while we provide the system, logistic, support and a cheat-free environment through the ACP.

The ACP is still in beta testing until we fix the last issue that some players have while trying to use it. In the very moment we have a final release we are going to reset the cycle and make the ACP as mandatory for matching.



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