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GRAW1 Industrial Special & Historical Special Buildings

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Well, I really tried to get this up on Media Fire, but it kept cancelling out then on the 3rd try told me I needed Media Fire Pro... So hopefully just puting it on my server for now will work fine. In any case, here is the information to incorporate GRAW1 Industrial Special & Historical Special Buildings and Props into your GRAW2 missions.

Bundle Location -> download

Conversion By: Bogie

File Size: 226.6 Mb

Version: 1.0

Description in the quotes below:

GRAW1 Buildings and Props for GRAW2

Industrial Special and Historical Special Prop Sets.

This building pack is for the Map Modder who would like to include several of the GRAW1 Industrial and Historical buildings and props into their GRAW2 maps. Included in the zip file is a set of instructions in both MS Word and Text formats as to how to add this pack into your mission. Please read this and post any questions in the Map Modding forum at http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showforum=197

GRAW1 used a few spawn points, effects and graphic formats that are not recognized in GRAW2. Therefore, several of the smoke, mist, flame, etc. effects; fans and other props; MOPP paint files… all of which cannot be used but can be emulated with GRAW2’s composition effects and built in prop sets. With this in mind, two of the buildings I had hoped to convert due to their popularity in GRAW1 could not be converted into GRAW2: Guardhouse with the animated\exploding antenna and the exploding gas station. Perhaps someone else can figure out the animation sequences that would allow these props in the future.

Also note that there were some conflicts with the same texture names in GRAW1 atlases as there were in GRAW2 atlases. With that in mind, I needed to change the names for several of the GRAW1 textures just by adding a number 2 after the diffuse texture name in their respective “tb_atlas_set.xml” and updating the props\building’s “materials.xml” file. So please keep this in mind if you plan to convert your own buildings\props.

This set includes 31 Industrial Special buildings + variations, 8 Historical Special buildings, historical tunnel segments, 13 special props and additional historical prop walls. To see a full list, read the “GRAW1 Props for GRAW2 Instructions” located within the zip file.

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Impressive work Bogie !!! :thumbsup:

I've managed to see objects in the editor as Trainstation, barracks, etc., all inside the folder DATA \ objetcs \ world_galor (I've put this name).

The problem comes with the objects that are within DATA \ objects \ props_galor.

I can�t see the textures in objects, I see everything in gray. I see the BUMP, but not the DIFFUSE texture.

I have reviewed all the lines, and haven�t the XXXX you post, so the routes, I believe, are fine.

Object: his_crypt_01


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

<dynamic_object xmlns:xi="x">

<diesel file="/data/objects/props_galor/his_crypt_01/his_crypt_01.diesel" materials="/data/objects/props_galor/his_crypt_01/materials.xml" orientation_object="root_point"/>

	<xi:include href="/data/objects/props_galor/his_crypt_01/his_crypt_01_merge.xml#xpointer(/dynamic_object/*)"/>


	<object name="silhouette01" width="64" height="64" camera_distance="300" texture="historical_remade/his_crypt_01"/>



his_crypt_01_merge.xml In this file have not changed anything Materials.xml


<xi:include href="/data/textures/palett_galor/palett.xml#xpointer(/include/history_colors/*)"/>

<!-- Generated materials from Sketchup -->



(I haven´t put all the code)

I have the file Palett.xml inside: Data\textures\palett_galor


Edited by [HI]Galor
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Hello [HI]Galor... You don't waste any time :D

The Crypt model seems to be displaying just fine; it seems as though the diffuse textures are not being displayed as you suspected. The diffuse file for the Crypts are in textures\atlas_world_galor\atlas_historical_remade\atlas_h_remade_diffuse. So check the "tbd_atlas_set.xml" in that directory to see if the path is correct. Looks like you are in the editor so it shouldn't matter, but you can also see if your mission's texture_scope.xml has that path mapped.

But still, there should be some additional diffuse colors on the crypts themselves. I'll look into it more, but I just checked my editor (still using the XXXX naming) and it is displaying as it should.



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Hello Winters & Galor,

I've noticed as well that with the landscapes, you would have to create the entire xml from scratch as well as the units xml. As you've noticed, Winters, it seems that the general diesel file is bundled within the mission directory and shares the xml file with the mission itself. I've been looking as experimenting with a custom GRAW1 map "Desert Castle" to see if we can use the landscapes but haven't had the time. Hopefully within the next couple of days.

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Perfect, thanks Rocky.

Zero, I am still looking at the Desert Castle and there is quite a bit of data that just doesn't seem to want to conform to GRAW2. However, I'm still not giving up... just have been testing the Vitale Campaign which should be ready today or tomorrow, depending on what time zone you live in :thumbsup:

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So as I suspected, we can convert just a few maps over to GRAW2: Missions 4, 5, 6, 8 and MP 03. Looks like the other maps are built using prop & building sets (cities) that require no landscapes. Here are two screen shots:


Note that from the tutorials, I saw where the author suggested cutting out the locations of the buildings. I am afraid that all of the landscapes have voids where the buildings should be. Here is the alternative:


Find the right building and\or an oversized building to place over the landscape. In this instance, I converted the castle from Mission 05 on the 05 landscape. At the top of the hill, I generated the castle and just had to slide it into where the gap was.

Note that I just did not load the atlas files, so the textures were not being displayed. However, they do work just as in the props that were released.

As far as the desert castle map, I have no idea what the heck they did to get the landscape & castle in place. I've been over it and it really looks like the map is generated at the time of loading :huh: ?? Looking at the logic behind it just doesn't make sense to me, so I'm just going to set it aside for now.

If anyone wants, I can create the landscape pack for the 5 maps that can be converted; however, it does seem like it would be a waste. Only Mission #6 seems to be the least effected... don't remember GRAW1 missions that well to rattle them off anymore.



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I can use many objects GRAW1, but I see feasible to use in GRAW2 on the size of the textures (. DDS).

Many objects sharing textures in one only .DDS, and you find that to use an object, you must upload a 25MB file (. DDS Diffuse).

If we add to that folder BUMP, we find that to use for example, the object ghe_barracks_01, you have to upload 60MB of textures ..... and that adding only a single object.

Maps can be of a size of 300MB or more :wacko:

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If you are incorporating more than one prop from the building sets (Industrial, Ghetto, etc.), then using the full atlas would probably be the correct thing to do. If you just want to add only one building, there are two ways you can approach this:

1: Look for a texture within the GRAW2 diffuse atlas' that work with the building, prop, etc. From there, just change the prop's "materials.xml" file to reflect the new GRAW2 texture files. So for instance, if I wanted to wrap a GRAW1 building that I imported over and use the wood plank texture from the buildings in the Arroyo map, I would just change that GRAW1's "materials.xml" file to read

<material name="GRAW1_Building_Texture" src="bump_lightmap" decal_material="wood">
<diffuse_texture file="arroyo_wood_planks_xy_df"/>
<bump_normal_texture file="arroyo_wood_planks_xy_bm"/>
[/code] Of course the "material" line should remain the same, you are only changing the diffuse_texture and bump_normal_texture lines. Since this would have been a texture from the Arroyo map, you would also need to include the Arroyo map's diffuse texture files in your texture_scope.xml 2: The second way to incorporate only one building from GRAW1 to GRAW2 without the huge atlas file is to just find the textures within the atlas.dds file, cut it out and paste it into it's own individual dds file. From there, just add the textures in the materials.xml and assure that the new extrapolated textures are in the texture_scope.xml file. -------------------------- I also read the information you gave me about the Ghetto imports. If you receive just the gray texture, it sounds like the bump maps are displaying, the palett.xml file is correct, but the prop is not finding the diffuse textures. Make certain that for each atlas (including Ghetto) that you have three paths within your texture_scope.xml file which would include:
<texture_set name="atlas_world_XXXX/atlas_ghetto_remade"/>
<texture_set name="atlas_world_XXXX/atlas_ghetto_remade/atlas_g_remade_bump"/>
<texture_set name="atlas_world_XXXX/atlas_ghetto_remade/atlas_g_remade_diffuse"/>

The root directory has all of the listings for the diffuse & bump files "atlas_g_remade.xml". The individual bump and diffue directories each have their respective "tdb_atlas_set.xml" files.

Hopefully this helps.



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I had added the lines in the texture_scope and still going gray textures.

Tomorrow try calmly discuss other options.

What I do not understand is "edit the file. DDS", as some hold over 20Mb Photoshop and even let me open them.

Bogie, you are a machine! :thumbsup:

Indeed... ¿what state is your map? That you were doing the buildings, etc..

Edited by [HI]Galor
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Galor' date='Jun 25 2009, 09:52 PM' post='541469']

What I do not understand is "edit the file. DDS", as some hold over 20Mb Photoshop and even let me open them.

Yes, the atlas DDS files for the main types of props (Historical, Industrial, etc.) are all around 20MB which equates to a DDS file that is 2048 X 2048 pixels. You can also download Paint.Net for free that can open DDS files in case you have issues with Photoshop; I, too, have had DDS plug-in errors with Photoshop CS2 opening these large files. So you can always open with Paint.net, convert them to TGA, then manipulate them in Photoshop. Free Paint.net -> http://www.getpaint.net/

What I mean by editing the DDS files is to find the texture in the atlas.dds that the prop uses, select & cut it out of the atlas.dds and save it as my_props_diffuse_map.dds. So instead of having a huge 20Mb 2048 X 2048 pixel file, I would have only (just an example) 1.3Mb 512 X 512 pixel file.

Galor' date='Jun 25 2009, 09:52 PM' post='541469']Indeed... �what state is your map? That you were doing the buildings, etc..

It is in the state of non existence :lol: The map that you saw is just my testing grounds that I use to test ideas, scripting, new props, issue resolution, etc. and is not really a full mission. I do plan on making a mission with the new props, just have not had the time with my current schedule.

Take Care,


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This technique of cutting and pasting, I used to the textures of the tower on the map Depresion_2 ;)

I did not know about this program.

I just downloaded and installed, but when I open any atlas.dds, I get the textures "transparent."

Do I need to install any plugin?


Thankssssss :thumbsup:

Edited by [HI]Galor
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I use Paint.net as a backup to Photoshop in which I mainly use it just for conversions and quick loading of textures. What you can do if you are still having crash issues with the DDS plug-in for Photoshop, is to open the DDS file in Paint.Net and convert it to TGA. Then just bring the TGA file back into Photoshop. To accurately cut out the textures, "View" the grid as well as turning your snap on.

Incidentially, I did start a map using the GRAW1 Industrial & Industrial Special buildings and props.



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  • 1 month later...

Thanks, Wolfsong, it took some doing as well as some tweaking once you've placed the props. However, it is nice to incorporate more props to keep players engaged. Hopefully enticing some of the loyal GRAW1 players to GRAW2.. <monty_python>Wink*Wink*Nudge*Nudge - Know what I mean</monty_python>

Because the conversion of the texture files add quite a bit of size and memory usage to the bundles, I have found in some cases that just reskinning the props with GRAW2 textures look just as great; even better in some cases.

My sympathies with the closing of GRIN. It is my sincerest hopes that everything works out for the better with you and your family.



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