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how to create animations?

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Don't know what happened there......... I just replied to this once already.

I tried to overwrite the bmf files and failed miserably

When you export a character from 3dsmax using the RSE Plugins it automatically creates a .bmf file but it doesn't seem to function.

The problem is that the bmf files are tiggered by the game engine (which is hard coded)

so even f you do solve it, you can only over-write the stock animations, not add new ones

So, what are you trying to add to the game?

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If you can tell me what you want to achieve (what it is you're trying to mod) then it would be helpful.

The helicopter crash itself is part of a map (I made the map, & I made the dynamic heli sequence as part of it)

However it may be possible to do what you want in another way

It would really help if you'd narrow things down a little, are you trying to animate a character, an object?

Is this part of an actual project or are you lust looking for general information?

Do you have 3dsmax & are you familiar with how to use it?

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3d max, I have. I made a Titanic and Russian landing ship hovercraft. I know little other than exports. do I want to learn to make maps but I do not know what to do modifiers. I'm from Russia and I do not know English well. Have to use google translator to write here that I learned about.

I wanted to create a sinking Titanic animation. Ñ‰Ð°Ñ as he hit a missile is. Yes, and more can be done survivability equipment that is not from 1 rocket was destroyed.

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OK, well this is going to be difficult if you are translating this but here goes.

You have two options.

If you are making a map you can create a dynamic object which you can destroy either with weapons or via a command in a mission script. The dynamic object can be given an animation which occurs when it is destroyed. You can use this animation to sink your ship. The dynamic object is part of the map & making a map will take a lot of time.

If you want to add an animated object to an existing map you will have to create it as a vehicle. Vehicles can be added to missions/ maps via the Ghost Recon game editor. Vehicles can also be given an animation that occurs at the point of destruction but you have less freedom with parameters by doing it this way. In addition to this, you have no way of stopping that vehicle being destroyed accidentally by the weapons in the game.

1. Dynamic objects as part of a map

You must first create the object as it will look before it is destroyed. We will call this: Titanic

You then create a helper point (there is a toolbar on the upper right side of the screen, click on the arrow symbol "create", then the tape measure symbol "helpers", then "point")

When you create a helper point you must do it using the top view

You must call this helper: O (that is not zero it is upper case o)

This is the reference point for the animated object. It is a good idea if this helper point is at the centre of the animation. Therefore, if the animated object pivots from one end, put this helper at the centre of the pivot.

You must then create a group containing only the helper point.

There is a naming convention for these objects:

room number_<n><dyn>modelname

if you are placing this in room 1 it will be:


Now add the titanic object you created earlier to the group.

There are some settings to change for this model but they cannot be done without before you complete the next task

In Ghost recon, destroyed dynamic objects are replaced by another model

this is a .pob file

This .pob file uses the O helper point as a positional reference

You will have to create this .pob in a new 3dsmax scene

It is usually easiest to delete everything in the scene you have created except the <dyn> object

If you just want to animate the object (and not have any smaller objects that are independently animated)

then rename this object <n>modelname

It must be a different modelname so perhaps: <n>titanic2

You then animate this using by sliding the to the correct frame on the track bar at the bottom of the screen, hit the "n" key (bar turns red) move the object to where you want it, hit "n" again.

If you did this correctly, when you move the slider the object should go through its animation

You need to change a setting

In the bottom left of the screen is an icon called the mini curve editor, clicking on this will open a drop down menu

You have to find the groups you have animated and set the animation to linear

Click on these groups, click on assign controller

assign linear position & linear rotation (& at this point click on make default, this will assign linear animation in all future animations for this model)

If you need to make sub-objects (like lifeboats falling off), each of these must be an <n> object, each with a unique name and all with a O helper point. They should all be grouped inside the main <n> group. Some of these can even be grouped inside each other.

You can also add effects like smoke or fire. There is a list of these pinned on the forum somewhere

These effects are helpers and are grouped inside the <n> groups

Once you have your object finished it will have the <n>titanic2 group as the "outer" group.

You now need to group it again

This new outer group should be called <n><dyn>titanic3 (or any name not already used)

You must open up the map editor and check the box: starts animating

It can now be exported

You must have the correct plug ins installed

you must put .pob as a file type

So your new file might be called: sinking_titanic.pob

Now you go back to you original map file, select the 1_<n><dyn>titanic

open the map editor to alter some settings

in the destruction category setting you can choose how heavy a weapon is required to destroy the object. If this is scripted destruction only, then set for "indestructable"

You can set a destruction sound (this has to be set up in another file first, if you get this far I'll talk you through it)

In the damaged object box you must select the .pob file we just made

There are also settings for penetration levels/ 2d collision/ 3d collision

We'll probably need to fine tune these, but these are the basics

When you export your map, the damaged object should work

2. Destroyable vehicle

Destroyed vehicles are not swapped with another .pob file, they carry <n>objects which animate upon death

The animated parts are made exactly as above <n>group, with a O helper

The tagging for this is just too complex for me to explain here

It would be easier for me to send you a couple of reference files, so that you can copy the naming and grouping of objects

As I stated in another post, when I eventually release the various P2 content as stand alone mods I will explain the various tricks & methods

I haven't done it yet & you'll have to wait for these modding guides to arrive

However, I hope you have some luck with the information above

Sorry there's so much to translate


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Well I have version 5 (so I guess you won't be able to open those files)

We'll have to do this the hard way

There are several types of vehicle you can make, but placeable objects are usually humvees or trucks because there is no engine noise unless you name the vehicle in a certain way.

The downside of this is that these vehicles are quite easy to destroy, so an unlucky grenade or two might trigger the animation at the wrong time

I'll assume though, that we're dealing with a wheeled vehicle here.

I'll also assume that we are going to have just one vehicle part that has an animation (the main body)

First of all create the model (I'll keep with the Titanic example).

Create a helper point (in the top view) and call it: O (just like the previous lesson)

From the front view your "vehicle" should be facing right, approximately centre of the Y axis, with the Z axis representing the floor or ground in the scene.

group the helper, then add the model to the group (this puts the pivot point at the same location as the helper)

this group should be called <n><body><ian>model name (in this case: <n><body><ian>titanic)

The <ian> prefix is applied to all groups carring a death animation

We now need to add the suspension & wheel groups (even though there will be no wheels) the game engine will expect it

Place 4 helper points (all called O, all made in the top view), in the positions where the wheels would be, these should form an even pattern, exactly above these place 4 more helpers. These will represent the suspension system. It is a good idea to have a very small gap between the "wheels" and these new helper points to create a stiff suspension

The suspension helpers should be named:





0 = front, 1= rear

Each of the helpers representing the wheels should be grouped

These groups should be called:





Again, 0= front, 1= rear

The suspension helpers should be attached to the <n><body> group

You should now animate the <n><body> group using the method detailed in the previous example

Once again you should be using linear animation

Any additional animated pieces should be individually grouped, each should have a helper point called: O & each should be called <n><ian>unique name

Any special effects should be attached to either the <n><body> group or another inner <n>group

an example of these effects is: ^[d0]general_type33

This is once again a helper created in the top view, the [d0] prefix that the effect triggers upon the vehicles death

Now you need to create the outer group for the model

create a helper (in the top view) and place it at origin (0:0:0 in the grid)

call it: O

Group this helper and call it <n>vehicle name

Attach all other groups to this group (so that it becomes the outer group)

Now export it

You'll need to export it as a .pob in the model folder & as a .anm in the Motion folder

an example:



the d0 (thats d zero) are necessary to indicate death animation

You'll also have to create a .veh file in the Actor folder

This can be done in notepad

Its best to open one of the ones I sent over as an example

This should get you to a stage where your vehicle/ animation works. There are a few other things I could go into but you need to get to this stage first.

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