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Phlook's P2 Elmer Fudd Challenge


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Those of you who have been playing P2 or following the varous P2 threads will know that there are beasties walking around on the Bridge map.

These Beasties can be killed.

So I've put together a little hunting mission to see who's the best hunter among you.

You have twenty minutes to shoot as many things as possible.

The scoring goes as follows:

Wolves (5 available)= 100 points each

Buzzards (4 available)=20 points each

Goshawks (4 available)= 20 points each

Carp (8 available) = 10 points each

Trout (7 available) = 10 points each

(Sorry there are no Wabbits) :P

50 bonus points are awarded for each species that is wiped out (so all 4 Buzzards would net you 130 points)

20 bonus points are awarded if all destroyable items are shot in either the wooden shack or the stone hut

This is an individual event (no team play, one hunter only), you will be given a rifle & a pistol (no redneck fishing techniques, no anti-materiel rifles)

The mod includes a hunting guide which outlines the locations of your prey.

This is just a bit of a laugh so I'm assuming here that you're all going to play nice, I can't stop you cheating if you really want to, but I'd hope we're all adult enough here not to do that <_<

At the end of the mission you'll be given your score & total shots fired (it flashes up on the screen for 30 seconds at the end)

You can post your results in this thread

A tie will be decided upon shots fired (the hunter who has fired the least number of shots is the winner).

You can post again if you get a better score

There are no prizes though, except to know you're the best (you guys and your egos)

May the least worst guy win


[Edit: this goes without saying really, but P2 has to be active as the mission requires the blackwolf map]

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Just an additional note regarding the 20 bonus points for the buildings

To earn these points you must get them all per building, miss one and no bonus points at all

The shack has: All external windows, 2 Buckets, 1 Shovel, 2 cooking pans, 1 radio, 1 cup, 1 lantern & a glass panel in the kitchen cupboard

The Hut has: All external windows, 2 cups, 1 Bucket & a canteen

The low value of the bonus on offer here denotes that you should really be out hunting something else, but if you have the opportunity & maybe time is running out it might be an idea to bag a few extra points in this way.

The twenty points are for each building (you don't have to clear them both) ;)

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520 points / 51 shots.

That was my first trial run after working out a strategy. I still have to find that last pesky wolf, proving difficult to get my "off map" bearings.

I'm thinking that 670 points is do-able.

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Okay I found the last wolf, but it's tricky to get them all, now I am up to 610 points for 48 shots.

One of my timings is down to 5 seconds, if I am 5 seconds late, the wolf walks free, plus I only have a 3 second window to take the shot. :blink:

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OK, well seeing as Rocky is taking this pretty seriously, I've considered a prize (such as it is) for the winner.

I'll find a way of adding your name to my next map :P

Maybe a poster on a wall or something

So if you want your name in lights boys & girls you better see if you can beat that ridiculously high score


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Well that's very nice of you, but in addition to killing off all the wildlife I think you've also killed off all the competition :D

I can't believe that all these spec ops guys & hardened gamers haven't risen to the challenge :shifty:

Anyhow, I'm already designing your winners poster to be put up on a few walls around the Ratsnest map


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First try

540 Points

45 Shots

Went East to end of River looking for Wolf. None in sight I bagged some fish and then picked off some birds while moving to the West. (Had a study of the pdf before Insert.)

Took 2 wolfs down in the North West.

Moved to Shack and fired at some Items in the building, but preserved my pistol rounds and went up the Waterfall. Found more fish and birds. Final minute I ran around up top quickly and found another Wolf in the last few seconds by chance. :D

Brilliant challenge Phlook.


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