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Map Coop Water Plant Beta Testers Needed!

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Hi Stig,

Just completed your mission.

I played lone wolf on a lan server using the brettzies mod, had no real issues until the end.

Although it seemed to start of a bit slow (there didn't seem to bee many AI around), for me the AI was very responsive and their placements were very believable, with vehicles nearby as if they had just stopped and got out. I thought the sniper positions were very good, some of them were a real pain to find and kill, loved it!! :D

As I said I had a few issues at the end, after destroying the Adat I was killed and respawned near the adat only to be shot by several AI that came from nowhere, after several deaths I then had to deal with the attack heli's it was then that I had a lot of lag the frame rate fell to 9 fps and never recovered, Bogie did mention something about the extraction smoke but I don't know if you changed it.

Apart from the end the frame rate was very good staying around the high 30's and the low 40's with no lag, had 171 kills and 13 deaths, my time was around 1 hour 20 mins.

Great mission. :thumbsup:


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Thanks very much there John, I have noticed the lag in the 9.0 version. I've changed the smoke back to blue, and the other additions bogie mentioned.

Playin the map on ya own is quite tough, and ill be fixing that last respawn area, I think i'll have it activated when the helis are destroyed ;).

Thanks again


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Hey Stig,

Great map for your first try. Quite impressive.

We had one issue though. We were never able to get past the tank at the beginning. Not sure if you are always playing the Brettzies MOD, but the Barking Spider usually plays GRAW 2 in Vanilla mode. This mode has limited weapons as you know. Furthermore, when we went to Demo 13, to our surprise it did not exist.

We tried running, crawling, smoking and there were a couple of times that we were able to get thru. However it became very frustrating and we ended up changing the map. You may want to re initiate Demo 13 class or place a few Zeus's around.

That is the most I can report on so far. Please let me know if you will consider the suggestions that I made.

Looking forward to the next version....

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Hey Viper, there is a Zeus located near the burnt out car near when you spawn in (where you kill the first group of AI). All demolition kits should also have a zeus, but I haven't tested my map with the Barking Spider mod. I'll look into it asap.

Thanks for testing!!


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Played the map pre version 9 last night with 10 guys on the server. This time we did have the option to have a load out with the Zeus... Great job!!! Two issues on the map, see below..


At the start of the map you have the issue with the tank and trying to take it out. On the left side you see this cement wall that increases in height. The picture shows me facing the wall. If you try to walk on the left side of the wall (red bordered area) you bump into an imaginary wall. On the right side is the path to where the tank is at. However if you climb on the wall about 3/4 down (or up), you can fall to the left and now you can access the back area.

It his was your intention, then maybe you can but some obstacles on the left side so the imaginary wall makes sense. If you did not intend this then extend the imaginary wall to encompass the rising wall.


This area i have highlighted in yellow seems to be an issue. if you walk through this area and go over this little cliff you get stuck on the other side. Once you are over you should be able to continue as nothing is blocking you.

Hope you find this helpful...

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Hey Guys,

I played the new mission with the AGB guys and lone wolf the other day. Aside from what viper said, I think it would be a good idea to put another spawn location in between the two ADAT's. It's a "long walk" :rolleyes:


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However, it is great motivation to watch your step and stay alive :thumbsup:

I could live with the way the respawn points currently are... or with one more between the ADATs. Either way is fine with me. I just feel that I do not want to have the long walk with maps that have distant respawn points, I tend to be just a little more cautious.

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My map has a maximum of 5 spawn points already, first is insertion, second is activated once you approach where the first tank is. Third is activated once the first ADAT is destroyed. Fourth is located in between the first and second adat. And finally the last one triggers when you destroy the helis. Fith spawn point is located near second adat.

You must have somehow gone around the triggers :S. I'll have to look into that.

Thank you once again fellas :)

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We finally got to try this one and it was an absolute hoot. We were extremely impressed with the deployment of the tank around the bend with a lot of high AI in the building clutter giving it cover. That thing was tough to kill, and we also very much appreciated doing it with a Zeus - RPG kills are just too easy, and really don't seem very plausible against an Abrams.

As we worked our way up, we also found the ambushes and AI placement to be very effective and well planned. The only downer was the undeniably linear nature of the map - no real flanking moves seemed to be possible until the very end, there were very long walks back to the action. Some of these linearizing devices - long fences and tires with no plausible civilian or military purpose (aside from forcing you to stay on the road) and invisible barriers forcing you back on the road without obvious physical cause - also hurt the level of immersion (I enjoy at least pretending that I'm in a real town)

I did find some possible bugs. The first one may not be a bug at all - on the way up to the first ADAT, roughly level with the ADAT and to our left (as we face up) there was some dude with an RPG who was blowing up fences and couldn't be seen. He seemed to be too far to the left to be accessible by us. However, we never found him, so it may be that his placement was just too well hidden. It may also be possible that he fell from a higher perch and landed in a trap that kept him from shooting us.

Halfway down from that ADAT to the one back down on the bottom, you get a new spawn zone. Now you're facing back downhill, and there are barriers between you and the objective that prevent you from sliding down a steep slope. Between the fence and the tires is an opening inbetween which you can stand and snipe. However, I came too far forward and started to fall down the slope. However, I'm prevented from falling all the way down and landing on the path below (the reason wasn't clear - maybe an outcropping of fence or tire, or an invisible barrier that wants you to weave farther to the right before getting to that path below). Because I'm frozen in the midst of a "fall", I can't go back up. The fencing and tires prevent me from going left or right, so the only way out was to get someone to shoot me.

Still, though, this map was a thoroughly sweat drenching experience and great fun. Thanks a ton!

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