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Hawx Removing Gravity


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I've been trying, without success, to remove gravity from the game by altering the .lua files you get when you extract the data.pak files in the hawx directory. (The password for these is rF4hfGe1PfrzGe3IbaRtWsIn)

I've managed to be able to change quite a few things, when planes are unlocked, how many missiles a plane carries, stats, when you level up and basic handling.

My plan was/is to make it impossible to stall, so that you can go at 5kph upwards and not stall, turn the plane round so it's going backwards in a dogfight to engage the person tailing you while still flying in the direction you started out in.

Anyway, after making it harder to stall I'm stumped.

So far I've:

Tried removing all the references to stalling in the functions.lua files - no apperent effect. >_<

Changed the friction coefficients to 0 for all the stalling/drift entries - now harder to stall, but still able to. :mellow:

Had a play round with the init.lua file - differences to handling, not really stall related. <_<

Anyone got any ideas?

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