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Setting Player control on a vehicle/helo

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I was playing around with it and got the little bird to show up in the on screen command list as little bird (keypad) 5

when I hit 5 to bring up the command menu I get this error


Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\units\extensions\hud\hudorders.dsf(-1): cant find member: iterator in type <void>

Renderer: threaded

Physics : threaded


has anyone seen this or know how to resolve thanks.....

I'm running vista so I'm going to try to migrate files for map to main graw2 install location.

-Vista has 3 ways to play your level

1) in the user folder c:/users/"My User Name"/AppData (invisible folder)/Local/GRAW2/data/levels/custom_levels/"Your Mission folder"(Here)

2)in the Graw 2 install folder then data folder c:/program files/ubisoft/graw2/data/levels/custom_levels/"Your Mission folder"(Here)

3)a bundle in the the custom_levels folder c:/program files/ubisoft/graw2/custom_levels/"Your Bundle goes" (Here)

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