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We need some taliban/ terrorist models and....

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Any one know of any already made. i wanna get one into raw with some terrorist sounds maybe from cod sounds

like the helicopter sounds radio messages in COD are really top notch would be even better in GRAW

I might just have to import one into max and import into GRAW. I just need help figuring out how to link them to the actions of a merc unit already in the game.

I'm sure I'm not the only one but are'nt you tired of killing mexicans or fighting in mexico. The new GRAW is prob. in Mexico too and that sucks

I want real world locations like.......this would be another good topic


Washington dc

LAX airport

Paris I. tower

The Applestore in New York City Manhattan

I'm so sick of killing the same people in Mexico we need to get some new models ......

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This is a very good point. It would be nice to have a different area and battle the current threats. It would be interesting to see if the game will allow you to do that or is it locked down in Mexico. Maybe the Ghosts really like burritos and don't forget the tacos!!!

"The Applestore in New York City Manhattan" :blink:

That was great!! :thumbsup:

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I dont think its a

good idea to hype the american, puritan fear of the "other"

in a Game like GRAW-2.

But you're right .. we need more places and Enemy's.

But i think this should be fictive ..

.. Greets .. Twix ..

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You can mod the entire landscape and make new enemies and buildings. Essentially creating a new setting. Most people don't want to spend the time doing it though. Characters are tricky because you have to position and skin them like the sample files, same overall size. It's not impossible, but it's quite an undertaking to do.

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Nice 3rd person mod and weapons mods homie. givin u some "props "get it.... You think we can take a counter strike source skin from FPS Banana take a terrorist model then in PSD clone paint from CS model texture to GRAW model texture..... Is this possible and how hard would it be . I also loved the city with building like in GRAW 1 Xbox 360 or pc

Is there a way to get all the models from Graw 1 editor One into the EDITOR....? This website needs a props, model section/download.

Does anyone know how to make a 3d studio MAx model appear in the GRAW 2 editor as a unit/prop/ item to place and use in the game. Also is there a way to change xml in the game files to make one of the friendly ai models take on the characteristics and ai of an enemy solder?

I play all the 1st person shooters out there...... COD 5 WOW Nazi Zom., R6V 2, COD 4 MF, James Bond, Arma, Op flashpt, etc ..... this game is definetly the best tactical ..... wish more people played this instead of COD and CSS , it would also be awesome if we could program the ai like vale did with Counterstrike POD bot and make a multiplayer GRAW 2 game with bots that are as good as CS sources bots....

the new Flashpoint and Arma look insane, and I prob. move to that editor next and pump out the 1st content for that game series ..... but wait till march 2010 GRAW 3 ( Ghost Recon 4) comes out......

Is there a way to put a baklava (face mask) on the model without painting it on and just using the one in the game from multiplayer?

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