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Magnum's ArmA2 in pictures and sounds

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Thanks Magnum, I always look forward to your reviews, I'll be reading this one with interest when you are done.

The images are great. I am too tired to draw a conclusion, but to me it seems ArmA2 looks better in screenshots than it does in movie footage, just an observation.

It's be great to see a HD version on YT (1280x720 resolution).

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Actually, I had a major system crash not to long ago, and ever since FRAPS and video editing has really seemed screwed up, there are some issues..too much bloom etc etc but for the most part it looks good, maybe not GREAT, but very good.... the complete settings are in one of the first screens on that thread, everything HIGH but not MAXED and played at...1920x1200x32 (widescreen).

heres my specs:

Dell XPS 720

Intel Core2 processor Q6600

4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz

768MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX

SATA RAID 0 With Dual 160GB 10000 RPM Hard Drives

16X DVD+R/RW CD-RW Combination Drive

X-Fi PCI Sound Card

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

For the majority of the game, I jumped from 35 to 55 fps... but did, in heavy vegitation or a lot of activity occasionally drop to the high 20's.

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