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[P2: "A Cold Day in Hell" v1.00 - public release]

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Re downloaded P2 as one of our guys said he had trouble doing so. 
Failed first attempt for whatever reason but successful on the second attempt.

I applied the 1.20 patch which I thought took care of a issue with the Mp Actor Files but apparently not.
The issue is playing maps in MP on Desert and Jungle maps. In the platoon setup screen the soldier's faces are white
and when going into the game it is CTD. The MP actor files don't contain head and character references for Desert and Jungle.

Attached a small .zip archive with readme that fixes the issue.

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Thanks Rocky.

A minor concern is the 1.2 patch is contained in the main P2 download. When the archive is opened the 1.2 patch is one of the files.
Maybe refer to the patch on the download page as "updated patch 1.2" or flag it some way.


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Migryder aka Mark Nelson was the creator of the P2 mod along with the help of many other people.
I learned yesterday that he passed away December 3, 2017 at the age of 63. .
We(Team Nighthawks) helped with testing on P2 and liked and respected Mark very much.
Mark's obituary: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/starlocalmedia/obituary.aspx?n=mark-a-nelson&pid=187858167&fhid=15380

Back in May Team Nighthawks also lost a member. His name was Wayne Graham from Annapolis, Maryland, USA.
Rest In Peace Migryder.
Rest In Peace Wayne.

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Besides the P2 Mod these are other mods Mig was the creator of:
Knight Fork
Guatemala Mod
Africa Burning

They add up to about 30 missions.
I know he helped other mod creators as well.

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17 hours ago, Eisenhauer said:

although I've been playing Ghost Recon for a long time now, this mod is now under my fingers and I have to say that I was just great, I had a lot of fun for long weeks with the Campanie and in Mission p210_fighting bears I had a funny phenomenon. 

flying boot-p2.gif

I think that's Migryder boating his way to heaven. So long good buddy! :bye:

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It's a matter of fact that we are all getting older. More than 15 years have passed since we started to play GR and the fact that we are still here to speak about it and among us is really astonishing. The greatest part of us now has family, children, possibly grand children and that means we are likely old.

So if in the (hopefully very distant) future we read again such news it means we are still here together and this was possible thanks to @Rocky who brought us together in this incredible community.

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Yes, it is incredible I agree. I never ever thought we would come so far for so long - although I do remember Jester (founding member and contributor in 2001), he said to me once ...


...one day Ghost Recon net will be like the doom sites that are still around, long after the game has disappeared, providing legacy support, content etc.

Turns out, he was correct!

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