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[P2: "A Cold Day in Hell" v1.00 - public release]

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Thanks mig, this and any other info is much appreciated. Yes I am using backup, I select the individual kit and arrange them within the 3 teams like SP. I've found 9 men are not enough! lol

I just gave P202 a second go. I thought having 9 men rather than the campaign six might balance out having no saves. Wrong. heh

I like going into a mission and completing it first time through.

In opposition of going through missions twice, three times or until you finally have it memorized so that you can get a completion. That's why I play mission hx so much, because the difficulty levels usually give me a chance to make it through with backup if I play my best. If it doesn't work out, well tough luck..same map=new mission altogether, new game on!

Anyway, the mission was intense, I moved the teams in a tight formation anywhere from 15-40m apart as we performed reconnaissance, eliminating enemy patrols as necessary, avoiding when best.

The snipers, machine gun nests in the first part was crazy, some very close calls...bullets hitting the ground, I'd order hold and often barely got the drop on them through the gap in the trees.

Not until the bridge did the snipers start creating casualties. From there, through the cave, to the bridge where the last man was lost in crossing. It's awesome to be in completely new territory testing my metal against the opposition. Very fun stuff.

However, I don't believe the difficulty of the missions allow for my preferred style. IMO no one would be able to complete it with no saves the first time through, even with 9 soldiers. NP, lesson learned, I'll be activating respawns along with the AI backup for the rest of the campaign. :)

Thanks for the enormous mod Mig and team! It looks like an amazing piece of work so far.

Are you guys planning on updates possibly?

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once you get on the road and head for the bridge be very cautious...may be a surprise or two in store. Yea I would say that coop style would make it very difficult..actually having 9 might make a mission more difficult as there are more bodies to detect and hence give away your position...I always move a team up both sides of the river myself...plus charlie on the north side of the river too..I also hug the cliffs. You'll have three X three so that will make that more difficult in ways, I use a lone sniper or have 3 X 2 teams in SP. Then again if you keep a couple of teams active with at least one chr you'll stand a good chance of surviving the bridge..if not..good luck. I understand the part about memorizing to win...but KRP 56 plays all my scripts through w/o saves in SP and standard weaps when testing so we use that as a difficulty barometer - sometimes I ratchet up/sometimes down...can't remember if he did that with this one though..he then goes back to test for quick save/reload issues...I guess I'm trying to state that I do give difficulty alot of consideration but mea culpa..with SP in mind since most coop mode is done in teams..that is not to say that the style you are using is not alot of fun cause it is and I played a few of the later ones like that myself..I'm not a very good FPS gamer though so I don't put a great deal of thought to how that reflects on the actual game difficulty..I spend so much time in dev mode that I tend to get careless in actual GR game play.

not doing any scripting right now, need to do one or two missions for UKSF then I might actually add a mission or two for P2 quick mission/coop..I'd like to add one on battlefield and maybe caves or vilnius...we'll see, then again check your folder for P1 :) if you think P2 difficult, try that...originally released as Pressure, hence P2 follows...

mig :ph34r:

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Having no success with either P1 or P2: Cold Day in Hell on my machine. Both CTD after picking the team and moving to the actual mission.

Running GR patched to 1.4 on a G5 running 10.5.8.

[Merges with existing thread]

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You say your running GR ? is that with the DS (Desert Sege) and IT (Island Thunder) expansions installed ?

you will need both active to run these mods, you will also need P1 active to play P2 :yes:

If you have done all this then have a look in your GR main folder for a IKE LOG and copy and paste it here. As this will give us a clue as to the cause of the CDT :thumbsup:

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Mods required:

Ghostr Recon

Desert Siege

Island Thunder

Frostbite 1.3

P2 1.2


ReadMe files are included with P1 and P2, full details on installations, and usage, can be found.

Pressure Surprise readme is in the P1 folder.

P2-README is in the P2 folder.

:) .

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When P2 had been out for a while, I was fully expecting to release all my stuff as stand alone mods (along with modding tips and user instructions). this would include alternate versions of some placeable items that were never used.

However, when the banking crisis hit, I found myself working long hours and 7 day weeks just to stay employed (and competing with others who were willing to do the same thing and for less money).........

My modding PC grew dark and dusty.

I still have plans to release this stuff (I can give you the OK for specific items (if they're mine) and some verbal instructions. Or I can try to package things up if you give me a timeframe.


Maps: Blue Ivan (day & night)/ Blackwolf bridge (day, dusk & mp)

Vehicles: TorM1 (AA Launcher, unarmed) / Gaz Vodnik (APC with turret machine gun). I was planning on creating different skins for these but it never happened.

Placeable items (off the top of my head here): Wall safe (animated), Control panel (animated), CCTV Cameras (some animated, different heights), Laptops and cases (some animated, different heights), capture props (maps, CD's and documents), Chameleon transmitter (floor standing), WMD Barrel (floor standing), WMD Crate (Floor standing), Bomb/ demo charge (inert prop), Exploding barrels (various animations).

There may be a couple I've missed here, but nothing of note.

The placeables used in P2 were of the destroyable variety (example: you walk into a trigger zone and the script triggers the destruction of the laptop, the destruction animation of the laptop is the lid gently closing, you can then hide it in the script to simulate that it has been captured).

I experimented with versions of these items that could be opened/ closed using the spacebar (these were never used and were not included in the mod)

Also, if you want to re-skin I may have some PS files.

These (and the instructions) were all going to be in my stand-alone placeable items mod.

Let me know what you have in mind ;)

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The bridge demo charges are not placeables (they are part of the map)

However I could look into doing a placeable version

Some I left out: PC's, a parcel, flight recorder, WMD Suitcase nuke

Please note that the placeables that sit upon tables etc are effectively floating in the air at desktop height. I exported these at several heights (suitable with the P2 maps) but they may not match up with your location. I can try to adjust to suit this.

I also have a placeable tool (a tapemeasure) which will give you some idea of the heights of surfaces in your map

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OK, It'll take me a little while to put together (I am busy on some personal stuff) but it doesn't look too difficult.

I've had a look at the bridge charges and I can make them as placeables.

I'll put together a small modders reference for you (nothing too complex, but some of these items do have unique properties that you may need to be aware of)

I'll be in touch :rocky:

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check the GOODIES folder for unlocked hero xml and all the missions in unlocked missions format that you can copy and paste into your own unlockedmissions xml..the p2_hero xml just goes into your GR directory..do this for quick mission options..if ya want to play the campaign don't go there yet...let it unvail as it will...

mig :ph34r:

First of all I'd like to thank the p2 team for an amazing mod...in alot of ways I think it's better than the original GR campaign. P221 "Stalking Tiger" has got to be my favorite mission ever!

However now that I'm done with the campaign I'd like to play quick missions with the heroes, but I am unable to get this to work. I copied the file "p2_unlockedhero.xml" into my GR directory but when I open it, it's empty except for the "<UnlockedHeroes/>" line. Is it because I completed the campaign prior to doing this?

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We're glad you liked the mod! Yea regarding P221, H-Hour n OSO got something going on with that map and it was fun to come up with an SP senario for it.

I'm not sure what happened...I included the unlocked heros file in that GOODIES folder so players wanting to play SP Quick Mission could copy that over to main along with unlocked missions and play those with the heros available rather than having to do that if ya played the campaign. I just copied the unlocked heros file from that GOODIES folder in my mod folder and replaced the one I had due to finishing the campaign and it all worked out...opened p208 and was able to select any of the twelve...

mig :ph34r:

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I just copied the unlocked heros file from that GOODIES folder in my mod folder and replaced the one I had due to finishing the campaign and it all worked out...opened p208 and was able to select any of the twelve...

mig :ph34r:

Mig...I'm confused about the use of the p2_unlockedhero.xml file...you say you replaced another xml file with it, which one? Also, is it supposed to be empty except for the <UnlockedHeroes/> line? I look at all the other heroes.xml files and they have a list of the heroes in them for example, the centcom_unlockedhero.xml file has these contents:








Can you post the contents of your p2_unlockedhero.xml file? Thanks.

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I just checked mine and it says:















I'm pretty sure that I DL'd the mod in it's entirety and erased any betas I may have had

This certainly is a puzzler :hmm:

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