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Patch 1.01 to fix problems with German release version

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Bohemia's Marek Spanel confirms there is to be a patch released next week to fix problems & bugs in the the German release version

PC Games: We had grave issues with the review copy (retail copies). The singleplayer campaign was nearly not playable because of a multitude of problems. Often we reached a checkpoint an nothing happened, enemies didn't shoot at us, or objectives got solved/failed without us even knowing of it. What went wrong? Did no Beta-Tester find these problems? How was it possible that such a buggy, not-ready version got into the mastering lab anyway?

Marek Spanel:we are aware of various problems, bugs and possible improvements, we certainly don't see German ARMA II as something completely broken. When the German master was finished, we felt it's quite good, since then we already had chance to play test even more and collect more feedback which found its way into the upcoming updates.

We realize that the campaign maybe doesn't stand to your expectations but we hope that all the improvements made for the first patch will already make it much closer to what you hoped it will be initially.

Marek Spanel: I believe we already went a long way since version 1.00 and that the upcoming patch 1 next week will improve the game heavily, especially the quality of the campaign. This version 1.01 is also what will be released in rest of the world.

In late June we plan to release Patch 2, version 1.02 which should provide even more.

Read the full article here > pcgames.de interview with Bohemia's Marek Spanel

Hmm, that article was a bit disapointing to read of the problems (Particularly 2 years after all the criticism of Armed Assault’s campaign)

oh well, hopefully that means these initial bugs & problems will be ironed-out before for the 505 release ;)

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Marek Spanel: We're going to release a patch on Friday for all customers, this will be the beta patch,

since we are already testing a newer version which will be released during the next week.

Gamestare.DE have posted a change log for the beta patch

Change log:


* AI improvements: collision avoidance, MicroAI communication, suppress fields

* Improved: AI coordination in combat

* Improved: automatic VTOL vectoring.

* Improved STOL takeoff/landing control

* Improved: shot simulation

* Enabled taxiing for Mv22

* Fixed: weapons inside vehicles were sometimes white.

* Fixed: Some crash opportunities

* Fixed: flickering textures sometimes

* Fixed: muzzle flashes and other alpha objects cutting into the water.

* Fixed: long cutscene animations could cause bad LODs/textures.

* Fixed: Terrain LOD causing white dots


* radio chatter improvements

* generic conversations about known targets improved


* music soundtrack added to more places in the campaign

* various improvements in cutscenes

* improved Star Force transport service (player can better command it, occasional problem with Star Force froze on spot fixed)

* on screen notification for each evidence collected added

* various smaller fixes and improvements

* some missing dubbings fixed

* improved cooperative play in the campaign


* Improved sea rendering

* Various smaller fixes and improvements


* effect for player near big explosion (beep in his ears, temporarily deaf)


* improved GPS support (RCtrl + M when GPS is available)

* tasks without map (J key by default)

* list of players without map (P key by default)

* improved rendering of perihperal vision simulation (dots on the screen edge simulating real world field of view)

* leader icon displayed on screen permanently for Regular difficulty

* tasks faded out to be less intrusive in the middle of the screen


* fixed cargo compartments in aircraft (cargo should not switch positions with pilots during flight)

* fixed camera position for BTR and T90 gunner optics views

* fixed view gunner lods for turned-out crew in wheeled vehicles

* improved hand animation for AA laucnhers

* twisted arms for AA missile launchers

* fixed fire geometry of billboards model

* tractor and bus sound changed

* added sign on hotel building

* fixed municipal house ruin

* changed texture on G36, fixed MG36 icon

* fixed gunner animation on BRDM-ATGM

* improved model of AK-107

* improved enviromental reflection map

* improved A10 gun cursor

* fixed T34 icon texture, fixed optics and turret stabilisation definitions and added exhaust smoke

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This is really pretty poor - to dance around an enemy like that and not take any fire, and see one walk (crawl) right through a wall?

Individual glitches or major engine issue?

Release day (or month) patches are becoming the norm, but when a games release is totally marred by page upon pages of bugs .... *sigh*

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yeah, on the German language first page of the interview there is a video posted (D/L version of vid here > http://www.pcgames.de/stream/PCG_0908_T_Arma2_PC.flv )

that shows some of the bugs (cant get in HMVV, AI walking through wall, vehicles stuck on parked cars/signposts/trees next to road, enemy AI not reacting)

and the player does indeed dance in front of enemy AI ("hallo", "hallo" :wall: ) without reaction and then walks right into one when going up stairs

as pcgames.de rightly said "why didn't the Beta-Tester find these problems" - first day of release and they have 53 threads in the BIS tech support forum and major review sites labelling parts of the game as almost unplayable !!!

while I'm sure in time they can and will fix the majority of the bugs/issues .... the first days of release are critical to a games reputation and it is VERY difficult (if not impossible) to shed a tarnished image once gained

far better to delay a release and fix things

and I thought it was very damming when Marek said "When the German master was finished, we felt it's quite good" :blink: as usually BIS strive for perfection and would have thought they would have wanted Great! or Excellent!

They freely admitted they were "rushing" Armed assault to market, to get the capital to enable them to concentrate on making a proper "Game 2" to be the true successor to OFP and so we kind of understood the problems and lack of optimisation,

but if after all the waiting and promises, Arma 2 also has fundamental issues then I don't think they can sell us a "game 3" idea

It looks great and I'll still be buying it clinging to the hope that by the 505 release most of the problems the German players have found should be fixed or patches to fix them should be in the pipeline

if not then Arma2 will sit gathering dust on the shelf next to Armed Assault <_<

and I will then look to OFP: DR to fulfil the successor to OFP role (although the closest BIS/BIA have come to date is VBS2) or will just still play OFP and GR as the undisputed + undefeated kings of gaming

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yes, See the first quote in the second post.

and as to a D/L link...


Public beta of 1.01 is out now for the German version of ARMA 2!

This is beta patch but we will ensure that final patch 1.01 (to be released early next week) will install smoothly over this beta patch. .

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All things aside, is ArmA II as bugged as some gamers report?. I like ArmA & queens gambit & there are many excellent addons/mods, i know it is a demanding game engine & probably built to last into the future hardware updates, and most pc's of today will struggle with top eye candy settings and high resolutions with ArmA, but still i find it a damn good war game. I'm personaly going to grab a copy of 505's ArmA2, but i'm not expecting to play the game with the maximum in-game video settings and high screen resolution and expecting decent playable frame rates, tweak it till all is good i guess. Anyone here played ArmA2?.

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Final version of patch 1.01 was released today

D/L Mirrors:





The final patch 1.01 for the German version of ArmA 2 Some of the main innovations:

Fixes bugs in the AI routine (AI does not respond)

Stable Scripts in the campaign

Fixes some crashes, flickering textures and improves performance

*People who installed the english language files, need to restore the german ones back before patching.

If you didn't back up the germans ones, then you have to reinstall the game fresh and then patch.

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Final version of patch 1.01 was released today

*People who installed the english language files, need to restore the german ones back before patching.

If you didn't back up the germans ones, then you have to reinstall the game fresh and then patch.

And that is another example of why you realy should use mod folders ;)

as a side note, the dedicated server file ( sorry, not linux as far as i know ) is released as well ( just in beta for the time being, but bis betas is usualy quite stable )

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There are reports that the new installer displays an error message on completion stating something along the lines of "v1.01 is already installed", leading some people to believe that it was unsuccessful.

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Yes, that's down to having the BETA 1.01

but if when you launch the game it shows as version 1.01.57751 then the "final" 1.01 update did work OK

*People who installed the english language files, need to restore the german ones back before patching.

If you didn't back up the germans ones, then you have to reinstall the game fresh and then patch.

And that is another example of why you realy should use mod folders ;)

Indeed :thumbsup:
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