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Delta Force: Xtreme 2 - has gone gold

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Novalogic have confirmed that Delta Force: Xtreme 2 has gone gold and the boxed retail game should should be in US stores middle of next week (no news on UK as yet)

they also point out it is available to preorder the download from Direct2Drive

FIGHT… Until there is No Enemy! Take control of Delta Force, the US Army’s most secretive, highly trained unit. Use commando tactics and state-of-the-art weaponry to take the fight to the enemy against overwhelming odds.

Delta Force Extreme 2 Download Features

    * Engage a ruthless enemy in 2 full campaigns of single-player and co-op action.

    * Join up to 150 players* in simultaneous multiplayer battle across 40 all-new maps on NovaWorld.

    * Pick the perfect fight with level adjusted game servers hosting 5 different multiplayer game types.

    * Fight furious close-range gun battles on maps built for squad combat or coordinate your infantry with armored tanks, helicopters and boats for epic engagements over vast battlefields.

    * Rally your squad like never before on the all-new NovaWorld Community with customizable personal pages and squad pages featuring custom in-game emblems.

516BhBCYraL._SS350_.jpg . 417Gv8Y4Z2L._SS350_.jpg . 51SF4bWcHRL._SS350_.jpg

51VxglCer0L._SS350_.jpg . 51rCdKJa9YL._SS350_.jpg . 51zyQfgfMqL._SS350_.jpg

41em7Hc-EdL._SS350_.jpg . 51JwBLxkFOL._SS350_.jpg . 41g1o2qT5EL._SS350_.jpg

414KtXWOcGL._SS350_.jpg . 417V1juzaRL._SS350_.jpg . 51eGQI6TReL._SS350_.jpg

and you can see more screenshots at Gamespot

The open Beta is still available to D/L and try:



http://www.fileplanet.com/199405/download/...eme-2-Open-Beta (a FP account is required for this particular D/L)

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I played Delta Force Black Hawk Down and Although this is a Arcady Run and gun type game it's not bad of course there are a lot of unsavory caractures playing I would not mind buying this just for those days when ya just want to unleash some rage.


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That's too bad because I am sure they are gonna do this like Joint Ops and do a International Conflict type tourney and until you have played in one you don't know what your missing. A definite must do if you do Joint Ops and if they do it for DFX2 I will be here as well.

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Not sure, but if it went gold in may I would assume it's been released somewhere in the world.

I'll do some googling for it.


It's out.

It's also on Steam....but I always prefer a DVD and would like some feedback regarding my questions, so hopefully someone sees this eventually :)

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