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Armaholic.com have posted a hot preview about ArmA 2 from the press event held London

The preview is written by uber-modder Rock of the RKSL Studios - someone who needs no introduction to long time OFP players - so be assured it contains lots of the things

players and modders are actually wanting to know about the new title (particularly over ArmA)

here is a little appetiser

Forget the cynical and nay saying reviews. If you know Armed Assault and have played it properly before you will see Arma 2 is a huge improvement over Armed Assault.

If you are reading this without ever playing Armed Assault then it may not sound like a greatest game of all time but I would seriously suggest you take a good look at ArmA2. Its not like any FPS or Tactical shooter out there. Its better.

All in all I am very impressed. The new capabilities, the new hemispherical shaders and game play aspects make ArmA [2] the best tactical shooter I've seen since BIS' original Operation Flashpoint appeared in 2001.

I suppose the obvious questions to ask are "Do I recommend ArmA2 and would I spend my money on ArmA 2?" Simple answer: Yes! On both counts.

Its the engine that ArmA should have had from the start. You can see the effort and thought that has gone into it. Pay the money, play the game and have fun.

read the article here > http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=5694

Looking good :thumbsup:

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Looking good indeed. I've tried and failed twice now to get into OFP and once to get into ArmA though.... need persuasion ....

I'm in the same boat!!!!!!

Did try OFP back In the day (2001?) din't like it

Bought Arma early 2008 played once single player and gave my copy away...never tried multi since I was deployed in IRAQ son I can't comment on that part of the game.

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To be honest guy's, if ArmA II is like the original then I doubt many people will like it vanilla out of the box. It's all about the modding. Our server now has several mods running not least of which is the ACE mod and you wouldn't recognise the game or the gameplay from the original.

You should jump on and try it sometime Rocky, we would be pleased to talk you through what you need and run through some missions with ya.

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You should jump on and try it sometime Rocky, we would be pleased to talk you through what you need and run through some missions with ya.

That'd be good but with my lack of time with the game it'd quickly descend to a "which button do I press for..." sort of thing. If you are up for that I could download the mods and try it out though.

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I'm going to keep a close eye to this title...Heck I'm trying to find a good excuse for a new PC

but honestly I'm just waiting for 2 other games to show up (SG/GB and SOW BB) and those 2 are a year away

at least

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Having played arma since the german release ( just couldn't wait for the international release :P ), i must say i'm realy looking forward to this.

It's true that arma had it's sheare of bugs in the release version ( not to mention the demo...), but bis is doing a greate job in suporting the game, and updating it.

The 2 big improvements in my eyes will be the multicore optimalistaion ( is that even a word?) and the new ai. Though, the graphics are looking greate too ;)

If you're about to try arma for the first time, just remember that the learning curve is about the same as going from playing spades to landing a 747 with damaged engines in a blizzard in fsx.....

About 50% of the keys on the keyboard has atleas one function.....

Though, i love the game, and hopefully, i'll have arma2 in about a week

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