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New Map: ARROYO_v2

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Hi all !!!

The clan [sPH] Spanish Hell, is pleased to offer a new version map of the original "Arroyo".

Have new environments, new playable areas ....

The map has a Spawn protection.

If you enter on the enemy spawn, will show a warning message on screen.

In the team's spawn invaded, also see a message stating that an enemy has entered its spawn.

The offender will be marked with a red diamond, and will remain so until they leave the spawn.

We hope you enjoy it :thumbsup:




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Thanks Feb, we are glad you have liked it :thumbsup:

To this map only used elements of the editor of GRAW2.

For other maps as Depresion_2, Containership or Trincheras , I have used other programs: Sketchup, EarthSculptor and/or 3D Studio Max

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I create the terrain using EarthSculptor. Hence get an image, which use 3dmax to generate the 3D terrain.

With Sketchup model objects, which can then import into 3dmax.

With 3dmax, gender textures, etc.. and export the terrain/object can be used in GRAW2.

You see it is very easy :thumbsup:

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