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Singleplayer Mission - Yellow and Blue Texture


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I'm trying to make a singleplayer mission. I've created a ORG map, which works fine. Then I extrcted the quick.bundle and replace the origonal files by the ORG map files and deleted the *.xml.bin files. I can start the mission and nothing crashs. My problem is the texture of all statics. It's yellow and blue. The texture of small statics or cover is all right.

In which file is the texture for statics saved? I thing it could be in the \data\textures\custom_levels\mission02\lightmaps\atlas0\tdb_atlas_set.xml. This file I've placed in the quick.bundle in \data\textures\lightmaps\mission02\atlas0.

Thank's for your help

Now I have changed the first line in tdb_atlas_set.xml to

<atlas_set name="lightmaps/mission02/atlas0" category="lightmaps" allow_autoload="false">

now the texture of static works half. The windows on the buildings are still "Yellow and Blue". Additional I've added a fueltrailer. The relection parts are also "Yellow and Blue".

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the textures are not saved in the map file at all. you need to check your texture_scope.xml and add the relevant paths there.

Search this forum - tons of info on texture_scope.xml here. Not knowing what exactly you have on the map, I can't give the exact content, but there are some examples posted in this forum that should work with every map, because the file links to all textures in the game.

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