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Ok, I think some of us can agree that the Expert AI on CoH is tough..really tough. Especially with the latest patch.

So we play some normal/hard-mixture usually. Then we just went for it and tried to beat 2 expert AI.

We played Achelous River 2vs2.

On our first attempt the AI just overrun us..firstly me on the righthand side so we just tried again - learning from our previous mistake.

It was one hell of a tough fight. Enforcing our positions and hold them against the never sleeping AI. They were just about to push through on the right side again when we remembered just in time to use mortars to kill their engineers rebuilding it.

Of course it is possible to beat the expert AI on a map that is easy controllable - but only ONE mistake and it will all backfire if you do not have some safeties in place. (in this case Goliath at some positions to blow up bridges in case we have to retreat)

We secured the outer islands first - for the big points in ressources and saved up and kept the AI back - which is tough. Then we made our move for the middle - first by cutting off any units on it by destroying the bridge leading to their base. then we went on and got it without a fight put up.

The toughest part was to get across into their base. Everything their had just at the bridges waiting to run us over again and push us back.

Whilst you are watching the replay you will see we had some units in the back so that they could not just run into our bases.

Our first attempt - mainly by my friend to cross the middle bridge failed and we just managed to close it down again before they came through. What followed was minute after minutes just throwing mortars and rocket barrages over there and thinking of a way how to get in there.Then it came to us - attack both bridges at the same time.

so we got on it and really made it...after 1 hour and 30minutes with stats in the end never thought would be possible.

Ok, lots and lots of talking..this is because I am still pumped...never would have guessed beating expert AI would be possible for an online-booner like me. now our next goal is to step it up a notch on the open maps that are hard to control - but CoH just turns into a totally different game there. that will be the biggest challenge.

Mainly this replay is for you, Rocky, and I really hope you take a look at it - as a long time CoH-veteran and of course as many of your Coh-players as possible!

This is not just to show off - but I am really glad we manage to beat them!

Download Replay!

Ok, now, with the stats..I AM showing off. :lol:


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Well done mate, great achievement. Amazing stats and yes I will look at the replay shortly...

I (as PE) have been trying to beat the expert AI Brits on Angoville for about oh, 4 weeks now, and never even come CLOSE. They totally dominate me, you are right, Expert AI is freaking hard.

First they take the VPs, which is fine, gives me time to grab the resources, then after a wee while they use a wicked combination of mortars and infantry to destroy my every move.

I really don't think I can do it....

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