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Wondering if its worth picking up GRAW2 now?

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I loved GR1 and island thunder for Xbox, loved it, I really like GR2 as well, though it wasnt quite as good. I kinda gave up on the console version when GRAW hit and went to the pc version and I was happy I did at the time. I just hate when devs make games watered down, hated the diamond icons on screen showing u an enemy, and alot of the dumb ui tweaks made to make the game easier. ANYWAY, i was playing gr2 in my 360 today and understandably found no one online. But i was wondering were there game modes in GRAW 1 and 2 that made it like a real tactical shooter, where it was a hard hitting fps? I went pc route and while it was good, the damn game killed my powerful pc so I didnt play much. Prolly played through campaign but barely. Anyway if I purchase GRAW2 for 360 is it like a genuine GR experience, like how there is a hardcore mode on COD4? Or is it all halo friendly servers? Also since im on the topic, anyone know if people still play GR1 on xbox/360? I would think it was more likely cause of GR1 being better than GR1. Thanks hope GR4 is going to be great, cant wait to get back into this type of game.

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