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[how fast on a new pc ?]

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I be using 1 of those at present. Had it around 14 months now, and I have the following problems.

Driver failure after playing COD4 for over an hour. :shifty:

Driver failure after using the GRAW1 editor for over 30 minutes. :unsure:

Both cause a complete lock up for the PC. :angry:

All other games and editors work 100%, only the above 2 issues I have.

I play GRAW2 with a 24" Monitor and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 with absolutely no issues at all. There are a lot better cards on the market, but if this fits your budget, I would take 1 again happily.


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yeah maybe i should get it guz i already completed COD 4 on xbox 360 and im not gonna use the GRAW1 editer so it'll be great :rocky: btw how many frames per sec will GRAW 2 play with 3.2ghz duel core cpu,2 Gig ram and the geforce 8800gt with all the settings on the highest as possible and at 1024x1024 resolution... :hmm: btw if i get the geforce 8800gt will i be able to change the physics to extreme?

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You are Insane Homeboy... I have a 3870 512mb and a 4850 blows it out away.... an 8800gt is not worth the time, money, nor the shipping cost to get it to your house. I would go with 9800gt and above.. Atleast then you wouldn't be so behind on technology. My brother has an 8800gt XFX OC and it sucks compared to my card. And for future reference, 4850 maxed at 1920 x 1200 and getting 70fps sounds like a tremendously good card. To compare, I only get 20 FPS at those resolutions with my card. If you follow the logic - - - 4850 at 1920 x 1200 @ 70FPS beats my 3870 which only gets 20FPS at those resolutions, Therefore, 8800gt (trust me buddy) not that great. Right now you can get a 4870 for 200 bucks and for 50 bucks more a 4890 XOC at frys.com and its the first card to hit over 1ghz on the GPU. I hope this helped you at all.

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If that will be your system, i think you cant play all on max. .

You need min. 512 MB V-Ram to play textures on high.

And PhysX wont be run on max as well with a "slow" card.

If it is possible, i dont know what it costs in your country, but a GTX 260 is cheap as hell, in germany.

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DONT buy a 9500 or similar.

Mate, serious. I buyed 4 graphic cards in the last 3 years:

- 8800 GTS (320 MB)

- 9600 GT (selled 1 week later) No max in Graw2 !!!

- 8800 GTX

- GTX 280

I must say, the 8800 GTX and GTX 280 were the best of them. I am not "Mr all know" .. but i payed a lot of money for hardware. My conclusion: Pay a bit more 1 time and not 10 times for cheap "crap".

I payed ~ 3500 € for a lot of hardware. And my final System with very nice "things" costs ~1400€ (mous+key and stuff included).

I wasted ~ 2100 € ... FOR NOTHING !!!

If you buy a 9500 GT you will be disappointed some months and games later.

What do you want and what do you expect from a 9500 GT with 1 GBV-Ram and a 128 bit "memoryinterface" ?

Mate, listen to me and ROCO*AFZ* ... the 9800 isnt the best card. But the ratio of price and power is much better than a 9500 GT.

!!! Watch for the power cable. A lot of new and big graphic cards need a extra powercable. Often its 6 or 8 PIN !!! Read the specs before buying a card !!!

Dont watch PCI 2.0 ... its only marketing...

OZ*Nordmann uses a DualCore 3,0 Ghz and a 9800 GTX.

He cant play physx on extreme, but everything else is on max. by 30 ~ 150 fps.

Iam ######ing angry about myself. I would explain you it easily in german, but i suck so hard in english .. sorry...

... Kind Regards

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nah thats cool i understand,ill check out the cards

ok i can get a XFX geforce 9800gt 512mb ddr3,256 bit and there is a zotak version of the card too but same specs...the good news...my dad will buy me the card and the bad...i dont know which to choose...which brandname?

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If i had to choose between Zotac and XFX, I would buy the XFX.

XFX have a better quality as regard the manufacture (?).

I often read that Zotac have a bad manufacture. The bearings of the fan shall be converted very worst.

I hope you will ve a lot of fun with your new system.

Feel welcome on OZ* Servers :thumbsup:

Kind Regards


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...i dont know which to choose...which brandname?
Keep cutting the grass, surprise him by washing his car without being asked, then hit him up to shell out a little extra for EVGA.

Their cards are bullet proof...well almost, and usually have a life-time warranty.

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you see thats the problem...there is only a XFX and the other one in stock...but ishould definatly get a 9800gt for maxxed out gameplay right?oh and the warranty isnt important cuz my mom is a broker...her own company so if it gets busted i just get a new one...i love life XD

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9800 GTX ... not 9800 GT.

The GTX is a bit faster. If you are really interested, watch and compare some benchmark tests.

Google for it.


The power supply unit must have enough power for your new system. ~ 500 W ... or better 600 W is important ! ;)

You have to energize the hardware :thumbsup:

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ok one more thing...in the description of the cars it says speed=1.6ghz...does that mean it adds 1.6ghz speed to your cpu...for example...if you have a base of 1.6...it adds up to 3.2...thats what i think but can you please tell me...i am ussualy wrong XD

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zomg its like a dream, new pc v2

my dad says hes gonna get me 4 gig ddr2 ram,intel i7 core 2 QUAD 2.66ghz cpu and a geforce 8800gt 1 gig version...this good for maxxed out gameplay oh and does a gtx275 have physx extreme...should i rather get a gtx275 oh and on a game's preview it said...physx only on 9800gtx or higher...is gtx275 'higher'?

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Is he planning on putting this thing together himself , or picking one up from a vendor?

The i7 requires an X58 based motherboard and these generally have a DDR3 memory standard.

Some light reading for your dad.

As long as your pop is shelling out, the GTX275 is the newer (and better) of the two cards that you have listed, and would probably be easier to find at this time.

Either would be able to run PhysX at extreme -the 8800GT's FPS might struggle occasionally-but honestly the extreme settings are overdone to begin with.

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hes doing it himself...he'll get it right he is very smart i know...anyway im getting a gtx 260 now because its a 100$ cheaper so it will max out graw 2 right,physx xtreme?...oh this is totally off topic but can you tell me the difference between physx normal and physx extreme...maybe some screenies or just explination because i dont know the difference...

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