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Still Good in 2009

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So, I just got done with a HL2 marathon spanning some week nights and some weekend days. I have to say the game still looks awesome and I played them all on a the x360 with a big screen.

Originally played HL2 and ep1 on my computer some years ago, but put off playing ep2 for some reaon. The big dilema for me these days is do I kick back and play on my couch, or get better graphics and control on a PC? I opted for the couch and picked up the Orange Box(worst cover in video game history for the 360, PC looks better).

Anyway, I wanted to see how it looked on the x360 so I fired up the original HL2, got hooked and decided I should play through the whole thing again and ep1 before doing ep2. At first I was like, eh, the textures look lower res, a little jagged edges here and there, but as I got into it, I started to appreciate it more. The lighting is still really really good and even with lower res textures, they still hold up very well. The whole world just felt good even being what, 4 years old? Some of the lighting in all 3 games was just amazing. Their indoor environments with natural light seem psuedo real, and the outdoor stuff isn't bad either. The quality of these games is just top notch. The characters, story, and scope...just epic.

I guess I'm just kind of surprised the game still holds up visually next to some newer titles, even better in many cases.

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add a top notch modding community to all that....

yea I never get tired really of playing those including ep2..the Hunters add a whole 'nother level of challenges to the game...I'm ready though for new experiences and to get back after the Combine and see where this thing goes from where it left off..I have a theory but you'd call me nuts...has to do with a mild mannered PhD...

best character development ever for a straight up fps IMO..and I agree about the ambiences..the place, inside n outside, just looks n feels lived in...

mig :ph34r:

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Just finished HL2 + Episode 1 here for the 3rd time over the years.

Too much fun, have to order Episode 2 now, must resist, L4Dead in transit at present.

Fairly sure I`ll play them all again sometime soon, very addictive games, hard to exit, just play a little more..


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Too much fun, have to order Episode 2 now, must resist, L4Dead in transit at present.

:wall: I was going to send it to you as I thought I had 1 Steam gift to give away, but the gift is actually for Ep 1, damn.

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Would of been a nice offer, thnx for thought. I did look at STEAM GAMES packages, but looks like I have most of the ones listed in the offers. Only 1 I thought would of been worth it was the Complete Pack, just so I could do the same and send to others what I do not need. But that offer is only 1 that does not include sending to freinds.

HL2 Episode 2: £8.99 Not a lot to pay for what I know will be some good fun.


Need to go bank now tomorrow, Steam not like Solo, only visa... :rolleyes: Unable to find Ep2 only at PLAY.COM

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Did the same a few month ago, got the orange box and suprise it felt like a new game with top gameplay and nice characters .

it`s worth to be played again and i`m sure i will do it another time , maybe next year.

Did you start lookin at Alyx in a certain way too? Beware of dog he might not like that.

I wish there was a good coop mod like gr on that engine. did anyone of you checked the synergy mod?

will episode 3 ever see the light? hope so.



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