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New Centcom Missions


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Centcom missions x 4

=T-06= Desert Cross

Rescripted the original Centcom recon mission 11. Turned it into an assault map.

Obj 01: Clear tent camps

Obj 02: Meet informer

Obj 03: Secure compound

Obj 04: Destroy enemy vehicles

Tips: Approach Informant with caution, random activities will proceed!

=T-07= Delivery

Obj 01: Clear south roadblock

OBJ 02: Clear East Roadblock

Obj 03: Extract CIA Agent

Obj 04: Extract Team

=T-08= Sandpiper

Obj 01: Clear roadblock

Obj 02: Gather war data

Obj 03: Extract Pilot

Obj 04: Extract Team

=T-09= Deep Contact

Obj 01: Find stolen documents

Obj 02: Rescue civilians

Obj 03: Destroy BigGun

Obj 04: Extract Team


All missions contain some random enemy activities.

All missions available for SP and MP.

SP versions contain less enemy.

Look out for mines.





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Tinker, very nice work indeed :notworthy:

Just one thing I've spotted, playing 'em out of order...

In T - 07 Delivery (SP version) there's a Talib who walks down the hill on the right hand side of the map towards playerplatoon insertion... I think either Actor 1325 or 1326 in team M 06?... who seems to be invincible?

At any rate, I've unloaded a full magazine into him, and he won't drop, so that's invincible to me ;) But can't see him having been scripted as invincible in the script?

Happy to jump into IGOR and make any change you suggest in my own d'led copy, but just thought you might wanna know for any future releases :thumbsup:


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Thnx for the heads up! Just had a look through the files.

This problem lies in the SP version only. (=t-07-sp= delivery)

Block name: (START) Comment: V REST

Problem: Make all members of Team V 09 vulnerable is stated twice.

Solution: Change 1 of the responses to Make all members of Team V 08 vulnerable.

Will repack the SP missions tonight and upload when I get time. Just finishing mission 4 on YOTM at present.



TEMPORARY DOWNLOAD (Contains all mission files.)

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