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DonMiguel's ballistic calculator


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Hoping that I'm not the last one in this forum section...

I've tried the ballistic calculator and there are some things I just don't understand:

I've noticed that when I increase the weight of the weapon the stabtime will decrease. Wouldn't be the other way round more realistic? I've never fired a real weapon but I think a heavier rifle must be harder to aim with than a lighter one?

The other thing is that the weight does not effect the recoil. Please correct me if I'm wrong but provided that all other specs are equal a heavier gun's recoil shouldn't be as much as a lighter one, shouldn't it?

Thanks for help!

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Yep, there are a couple of things in the ballistic calculator that didn't quite add up for me, either. That's why I ended up calculating all specs for the weapons in Heroes Unleashed "by hand" - meaning that while I used Don Miguel's and Parabellum's maths as a basis, I derived my own formulas and created my own calculations plugged into (humongous!) spreadsheets.

It is still a work in progress and (as usual) far from what I would call "perfect", but it seems to work quite fine so far. If I should ever find enough spare time (highly unlikely in the near future!) I'll try and put some more info together in this regard.

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